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Adam Handler

Adam Handler (b. 1986, NYC) reforms art's staid conventions of
beauty by returning to supposed primal or elementary beginnings, by adopting a child-like style, questioning our conceptions of and presumptions about our surrounding reality.
As Paul Lee noticed: "Children also have artistic ability, and there is a wisdom in their having it! The more helpless they are, the more instructive are the examples they furnish us."

Adam Handler attempts to present ostensibly unmediated expressions of creativity by eschewing traditional painting technique. His strong colours into his deceptively casual brushstroke, the humorist notes from the daily life and the distortions of scale and form makes people and flowers seem more real than the real ones.
Handler's sophisticated childhood creative artistic expression engages the viewer on the artwork's own terms.
Adam Handler studied Life Drawing in Italy and went on to graduate from Purchase College in NY with a major in Art History.


Adam Handler_ Neverland Girl_76x76in_oil

"Neverland Girl"
Oil stick and acrylic on canvas
193 x 193 cm


Lost Words under Alien Flowers
oil stick and acrylic on canvas
152,5h x 213.5w cm

Adam Handler_Behind her smile girl_Oil s

"Behind her smile girl"
Oil stick and acrylic on canvas
193h x 178w cm


The Farmer, the Cat and the Alien

193 x 167 cm

Oil stick and acrylic on canvas



Sunset Beach Girl

193 x 137 cm

Oil stick and acrylic on canvas



Blonde in doorway

175 x 129 cm

Oil stick and acrylic on canvas


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