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Alan Kingsbury

Born in London in 1960 and began painting in oils at the age of nine. He studied art history at the University of Wales and New Academy for Art Studes specialising in old master and modern European painting and subsequently worked in museum and auction room environments.

From 1986 he turned to painting full time, working initially in Italy, then Scotland and since 1991, West Cornwall. Alan Kingsbury is an elected Academician of the Royal West of England Academy and today concentrates on large scale still life,interior and landscape compositionsin a fluid and painterly style.


2016    Panter & Hall London

2015    Panter & Hall London

2013    Panter & Hall London

2011    Panter & Hall London

2010    Panter & Hall London

2009    Oakham Contemporary   London

2008    The Chapel Street Gallery   Penzance

2008    Medici Gallery   London 

2006    The New Custom House Galerie   Friedrichstadt   Germany 
2005    Jonathan Cooper   Park Walk Gallery   London 
2003    The John Davies Gallery   Stow-on-the-Wold 
2003    Jonathan Cooper   Park Walk Gallery   London 
2002    Old Custom House Gallery   Penzance 
2001    Francis Kyle Gallery  London 
1998    Francis Kyle Gallery  London  

1996    Francis Kyle Gallery  London 
1993    Francis Kyle Gallery  London 

1991    Francis Kyle Gallery  London 

1989    Jonathan Cooper   Park Walk Gallery   London   

1988    Jonathan Cooper   Park Walk Gallery   London



2016    Panter & Hall  London  'London Art Fair'  Islington 
             Battersea AAF London  
             New York AAF
             Hong Kong AAF
             Rarity Gallery  Mykonos Greece   Summer Contemporary Exhibition

2015    Panter & Hall  London  'London Art Fair'  Isling

             Battersea AAF London
             Hong Kong AAF
             Chelsea Pop-Up show in association with Grandy Art
             Mixed Summer Show
             Singapore AAF
             Chelsea Pop-Up show on the Fulham Road         

             Royal West of England Academy  Bristol   163 Autumn Exhibition

2014    Panter & Hall  London  'London Art Fair'  Islington
             Battersea AAF London
             Hampstead AAF London
             Singapore AAF
             Byard Art   Cambridge  'Breath of Fresh Air'
             Thompson's Gallery   Aldeburgh   'Annual Exhibition'
             Red Rag Gallery   Stow-on-the-Wold   'Figures'
             Royal West of England Academy  Bristol   162 Autumn Exhibition
             The New English Art Club   Mall Galleries  London
2013    Panter & Hall  London   'London Art Fair'  Islington 
             '20/21 International Art Fair'  Royal College of Art 
             Battersea AAF London
             Heartbreak Gallery  London  'Muir Maxwell Trust Exhibition'
             Red Rag Gallery   Stow-on-the-Wold  'People and Places'
             'Art South West'
             Thompson's Gallery   Aldeburgh   'Annual Exhibition'
             'New Works by Gallery Artists'
             Royal West of England Academy  Bristol   161 Autumn Exhibition
2012    Panter & Hall  London   'London Art Fair'  Islington
             '20/21 International Art Fair'  Royal College of Art
             Red Rag Gallery   Stow-on-the-Wold   'Figures'
             Thompson's Gallery   Aldeburgh   'Annual Exhibition'
             Lloyds Club  London  ' Artists of Fame and Promise'  Panter & Hall
             Royal West of England Academy  Bristol   160 Autumn Exhibition
             The New English Art Club   Mall Galleries  London  ( Awarded the Manya Igel Prize)

2011    Panter & Hall   London   '20/21 International Art Fair'  Royal College of Art 
             'LAPADA Art Fair'  London                                     

             'ART LONDON'  Chelsea  London                                          

             Red Rag Gallery Stow-on-the Wold   'St. Ives'
             Cornwall Contemporary    Penzance  'Figure'
             Royal West of England Academy   Bristol   159 Autumn Exhibition
             The New English Art Club    Mall Galleries  London

2010    Oakham Contemporary   London  'Still Life'
             'Small Painting Show'
             Red Rag Gallery   Stow-on-the-Wold   'Figures'
             Royal Society of Portrait Painters   Mall Galleries  London 
             Panter & Hall   London     'Artists of Fame and Promise 2010' 
             Royal West of England Academy   Bristol   158 Autumn Exhibition 
             The New English Art Club    Mall Galleries   London
2009    Panter & Hall   London    '20/21 International Art Fair'  Royal College of Art
             'Artists of Fame and Promise 2009' 
             '20/21 British Art Fair'  Royal College of Art
             Oakham Contemporary    'LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair'  London
             'ART LONDON'  Chelsea  London
             Red Rag Gallery   Stow-on-the-Wold   'Figures'
             Royal West of England Academy   Bristol  157 Autumn Exhibition
             The New English Art Club    Mall Galleries   London

2008    Medici Gallery London Summer Exhibition
             Royal West of England Academy   Bristol   156 Autumn Exhibition

2007    Medici Gallery London Summer Exhibition          

             'ART LONDON'  Chelsea   London 
             Royal West of England Academy   Bristol   155 Autumn Exhibition 

2006    Royal West of England Academy   Bristol   154 Autumn Exhibition 
             Medici Gallery London Christmas Exhibition 
2005    Jonathan Cooper   'London Art Fair'   Islington  London 
             B.A.D.A. Fair Chelsea London 
             'ART LONDON'   Chelsea   London 
             Royal West of England Academy   Bristol   153 Autumn Exhibition 

2004    ING Bank   'Platform 100 Exhibition'   London
             Baring Asset Management London 
             Royal West of England Academy   Bristol   152 Autumn Exhibition 

2003    Jonathan Cooper   'London Art Fair'   Islington   London 
             Sauzmarez Manor   Guernsey
             'ART LONDON'   Chelsea   London
             Park Walk Gallery   London  'A Dealer's Eye'
2002    Jonathan Cooper   'ART 2002'  Islington   London 

2001    The National Theatre London  'The Art of Memory   Marcel Proust' 
2000    Francis Kyle Gallery London    'The Art of Memory   Marcel Proust' 

1997    Francis Kyle Gallery London    'A Saxon Shore'
             The Arts Centre Kings Lynn      'A Saxon Shore' 
1995    Francis Kyle Gallery London   'Jazz'  
             The Gallery West India Key London   'Cities and Water'

1993    Francis Kyle Gallery London    'Charleston Revisited' 
1992    Francis Kyle Gallery London    'Conversations' 
1990    Francis Kyle Gallery London    'In a Brown Study '

1989    Jonathan Cooper   Park Walk Gallery   London  Summer   Exhibition     
             20th    Century British Art Fair   London 
1988    The Alton Gallery London   'Glittering Prizes XIV' , 'Glittering Prizes XV' 
1983    Royal Academy of Arts   London   Summer Exhibition 'Le Colonete'  San  Marco  Venice



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Vitrine in Blue and Gold

 oil on canvas,


Room in Pink and Gold

oil on canvas

170 x 127 cm

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