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Anke Eilergerhard

With her fantastic and absurd silicone sculptures, Anke Eilergerhard has occupied an artistic position that is unique throughout the world. Her works have been presented in numerous museums and at international art fairs; they immediately catch their viewer’s eye with their audacious compositions and the haptic and often intensely colorful articulation of their surfaces. Her art always draws the public’s attention.


Through their flawless execution, featuring countless “silicone swirls of whipped cream” meticulously placed next to and on top of one another, the objects are provided with a surface that is extremely rich in associations. The puristically baroque sculptures seem to defy gravity, and they make their viewers forget earthly questions—at least for the moment. As the artist’s motto says: A layer cake with a swirl of whipped cream is a piece of heaven on earth.


For over 30 years, the motif of the LAYER CAKE has played a prominent role in Anke Eilergerhard’s oeuvre. Since 2004, she has been focusing on the sculptural form of the swirl of whipped cream, staged by means of her unconventional technique.


When it comes to correcting flaws in outward appearances, silicone is equally popular among do-it-yourselfers and plastic surgeons: In this context, it is the perfect artistic medium for the artist—on account of its material characteristics and also its semantics.

The artist’s theme is beauty and everything associated with this highly fragile phenomenon: desire, love, luxury, excess, decadence, lust, exorbitance, and deception.





Born in 1963 in Wuppertal, lives in Berlin ¬

1986 First cake picture | 1990 Extended student excursion to Prague with Bazon Brock | 1991–1993 Series: TORTENBILDER (Cake Pictures; acrylic on floral-print fabric) | 1994 M.A. thesis work (Diplomarbeit) in communications design, Title: DIE 137 SCHWARZEN TORTEN (The 137 Black Cakes, photography) at the University of Wuppertal (Prof. Badura, Prof. Maser) | 1996–2008 multimedia works, and space-based exhibition concepts, e.g. SINNESTÄUSCHUNG (Sensory Misperception) (1996) | HERZKLOPFEN 1+2 (Heart Palpitations 1+2) (1998–1999) | THE ARTISTS ARE PRESENT: 6828 KÜSSE auf weißer Wand (6828 Kisses on a White Wall) (1999) | MEINE WELT – DEINE WELT (2003–04) (My world – your world) | FETTE BEUTE (2008) (The Big Take) | since 2000 KITCHENPLASTICS a collective term for her work cycles | since 2004 First three-dimensional works using silicone | 2008 VENUS, first large-format sculpture using silicone | 2011 Art Prize, Museum Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin | 2015 winner of art in architecture project Forum Hanau in cooperation with Kunst Raum Konzepte, Bonn | Numerous internationally exhibitions and artfairs | The artist is represented by works in museums and collections in Abu Dhabi, Austria, Canada, Chile, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States



EXHIBITIONS (selection) 2010–2016


2016     Kunstmuseum Mülheim, Ruhr Kunst Museen (G)

2016     Scope Basel, Galerie Art Felicia (CH), (one-artist)

2016     Galerie Art Felicia (LI), (solo)

2016     Context. Art Miami. Art from Berlin, Galerie Schmalfuss (USA)

2016     Galerie Rarity, Rarity Summer Salon Show 2016, Mykonos (GRC)

2016     EILERGERHARD + KÖHLER, Galerie Schmalfuss Marburg (G), (Dialog)

2016     Kunstsammlungen Zwickau, Max Pechstein Museum, (G)

2016     EILERGERHARD + KÖHLER, Galerie Schmalfuss Berlin (G), (Dialog)

2015     Context. Art Miami. Art from Berlin, Tammen&Partner (USA)

2015     Galerie Art Felicia (LI)

2015     Positions Berlin, Galerie Art Felicia (G), (solo)

2015     EILERGERHARD + BRIXY, Galerie Tammen&Partner (Berlin) (G), (Dialog)

2015     LOLLIES&ROSENROT. Art in architecture project, permanent Installation from 7                               sculptures,Forum Hanau in cooperation with Kunst Raum Konzepte (Bonn) and HBB                     (Hamburg) (G), (solo)

2015     Luciano Benetton Collection, Fondazione Cini, Isola San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice (I)

2015     EILERGERHARD. NEVER DYING FLOWERS, Kunstverein Schwetzingen/Orangerie Schloss                 Schwetzingen (G), (solo)

2015     Universitätssammlungen. Kunst +Technik, Dresden (G)

2015     Museum Kulturspeicher Würzburg (G)

2015     Scope New York, Galerie LeRoyer (CA)

2015     Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Tammen&Partner (Berlin) (G)

2014     Context. Art Miami. Art from Berlin, Galerie Tammen&Partner (USA)

2014     Kunst Zürich. Galerie Art Felicia (CH), (one-artist)

2014     Art Market Budapest. Art from Berlin, Galerie Tammen&Partner (HU)

2014     MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen (G)

2014     Altes Pumpwerk Mannheim (G)

2014     Positions Berlin, Galerie Art Felicia (G), (solo)

2014     Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston (USA)

2014     Gallery Kayafas, Boston (USA)

2014     Galerie LeRoyer, Montreal (CA)

2014     EILERGERHARD. HEAVEN ON EARTH. Jörg Heitsch Galerie, München (G), (solo)

2014     Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin (G)

2014     Art Karlsruhe. Jörg Heitsch Galerie (G), (one-artist, Sculpturplace)

2014     Art & Antique Frankfurt a.M. Galerie Schmalfuss (G)

2013     Context Art Miami. Art from Berllin, Galerie Schmalfuss (USA)

2013     Preview Berlin. Galerie Art Felicia (Li) (G)

2013     EILERGERHARD + GÖTZ. Kunst in der Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal (G), (solo)

2013     Jörg Heitsch Galerie, München (G)

2013     DISCO. EILERGERHARD KITCHENPLASTICS. Flottmannhallen, Ruhr Kunst Museen,

              Herne (G), (solo)

2013     Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Kunstsammlungen Böttcherstraße, Bremen (G)

2013     Art Karlsruhe. Jörg Heitsch Galerie (München) (G)

2013     Gehag Forum, Berlin (G)

2012     Scope. Art Basel Miami. Galerie Art Felicia (USA), (one-artist)

2012     Preview Berlin. Galerie Art Felicia (G), (one-artist)

2012     ANKE EILERGERHARD. KITCHENPLASTICS. Gedok Galerie, Stuttgart (G), (solo)

2012     Art.Fair Köln. Davis Klemm Gallery (G)

2012     Kunsthalle Vogelmann, Städtische Museen Heilbronn (G)

2012     Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe (G)

2012     Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe (G)

2012     Frauenmuseum Berlin (G)

2012     Art Karlsruhe. Davis Klemm Gallery (G), (one-artist)

2012     Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf (G)

2012     Davis Klemm Gallery, Frankfurt am Main (G)

2011     Universitätssammlung Kunst + Technik, Dresden (G)

2011     Art.Fair Köln. Davis Klemm Gallery (G)

2011     ANKE EILERGERHARD. SWEET DESIRE. Galerie Art Felicia (LI), (solo)

2011     Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden-Rot (G)

2011     Museum Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin (G)

2011     Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf (G)

2010     European Sculpture. Nave Gallery, Turin (IT)






SCOPE New York (USA)




PREVIEW Berlin (G)





ART Innsbruck (A)

Art Market Budapest (HU)

KUNST Zürich (CH)






RITA. (WHIRLWIND), 2015, H 95 cm x ø 64 cm, highly pigmented silicone 

ANNEKE. (ANNA), 2014, H 73 cm x ø 37 cm, pigmented silicone, porcelain, gold plated 

''Diana'' 2016,  125 cm x 80 x 80 cm

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