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Antonio Marra
b. 1959, Italy

1974 – 79 Diploma di Geometra
1980 – 82 Accademia di belle Arti, Prof. DiVincenzo, Neapel


Antonio Marra's Op Art is the heightened, emancipated release of realisation directly from within the confines of the painting into the space of the observer. Our movement results from the suggestive power of his work, through colour, metamorphosis, time and space, so that we can explore the wealth of his transformations; from geometric forms into austere landscapes, from circles into waves, from figures into text. In this magic of metamorphosis, he is able to capture nature and its order.


Antonio Marra’s art works are in private and public international art collections as well as represented in the following museums: Museum Explora Frankfurt, Ritter Museum Stuttgart, ZKM Karlsruhe, Mart Rovereto Italien.


Since 1993 several group exhibitions as well as art fairs in Germany and foreign countries, e. g. in Frankfurt, Köln, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Shanghai, Bozen, München, Miami, Seoul und Dubai.

Polyperspectival painting 

The peculiarity of Antonio Marras so-called "Polyperspektivischen painting" consists in the lamellar structure of the image carrier, which is painted by Marra polychromatic with pure colors. As the genre of painting suggests, depending on the perspective of the viewer, different pictorial experiences open up. If the observer moves from one side to the other in front of the work, the image structures begin to overlap and then become independent again in new color compositions. Antonio Marra has developed a technique that makes his works appear different from every perspective. In doing so, he applies a layer of cellulose to the canvas, the surface of which is then structured with a kind of comb, so that a sculpted groove relief is created. As a representative of Op Art, Antonio Marra creates visual effects using precise abstract shapes. For example, three-dimensional geometric shapes result from color superimpositions. The relief-like elaboration of the painting surface forms the basis for the multifaceted perception of his works. Marra's "poly-perspective" painting can be understood as an extension of Op Art. In his works, the two-dimensional image surface enters three-dimensional space. In doing so, Antonio Marra does not create a spatial illusion or optical effects that deceive the viewer, but the recipient himself, through his point of view, steers the intermeshing changes in the motifs, colors and shapes on the screen.


In 2015, the Marrahaus in Heilbronn was inaugurated. Antonio Marra was commissioned to design the exterior facade of the building designed by Alexander Schleifenheimer. In doing so, he transferred his principle of poly-perspective painting to the level of architecture. Marra furnished the building with a polychrome facade cladding. Vertically arranged aluminum slats form a building skin whose color effect changes depending on the viewpoint of the observer. For the architectural intervention, Antonio Marra chose colors that appear in the immediate vicinity of the building. A total of 47 colors, which are mounted on 16.970 slats, take the Marrahaus.


Solo Exhibitions

2018    Summer exhibition, Galerie Rarity, Mykonos, Greece
   Solo show, Galerie von Braunbehrens, Stuttgart
   „Antonio Marra mit Oliver Raszewski“, Galerie Fritz Winter Atelier, Diessen/Ammersee

2017    „Art Central“, Hong Kong, JanKossen Contemporary Art Basel, New York, Venice
   „Nuovi orrizonti“, Venice, JanKossen Contemporary Art Basel, New York, Venice
   „New optics“, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Offenbach
   „Magia del momento“, New York, JanKossen Contemporary Art Basel, New York, 
   „Antonio Marra“, Galerie ArtCatto, Art Gallery Algarve, Loulé, Portugal
   „Antonio Marra – Werke aus zwei Jahrzehnten“, Galerie Schrade, Karlsruhe

2016    „Perspectivity“, Galerie Jörg Heitsch, München
   „Made in Offenbach“, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Offenbach
   „Trauen Sie Ihren Augen nicht“, Galerie im Fritz Winter Atelier, Dießen

2015    „Wohin mit 2 Millionen Euro?“, Fritz-Winter-Haus, Ahlen
   Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco
   „Antonio Marra -  Metamorphosen“, Galerie Wolfgang Exner, Wien
   Inauguration of the „Marra-House“ in Heilbronn

2014    „Profumo di limone“ bromer art collection, Roggwil, Switzerland

2013    „Bilderwandel“, Fritz-Winter-Haus, Ahlen
   „Andare a spasso“, Galerie Heitsch, München
   „Mit beiden Beinen im Farbeimer“, Galerie Wolfgang Exner, Wien

2012    „Beziehungsweisen”, Kunstverein Nördlingen
   „Beziehungsweisen”, Oberhessisches Museum Gießen
   One-Artist-Show, Galerie im Fritz-Winter-Atelier, Dießen

2011    „Feuchtfröhlicher Pinsel“, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Offenbach
   „Der Garten des Malers“, Galerie Jörg Heitsch, München
   „Eine andere Sicht der Dinge“, Stadtgalerie Bad Soden
   „Più Vero del Vero“, Galerie Schrade, Karlsruhe

2010    „From Naples to Shanghai via Frankfurt“, Fu Xin Gallery, Shanghai
   „Farbe, Raum, Struktur“, Galerie von Braunbehrens, München

2009    „Ich würde es wieder tun“, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Offenbach/M
   „Wenn die Lust zum Meer wird“, Galerie Jörg Heitsch, München
   „Die Unsicherheit über den sicheren Sieg", Galerie Schrade, Schloss Mochental

2008    „Du bist was du siehst“, Galerie Jörg Heitsch, München
   „Es erscheint alles möglich“, Galerie der Heusenstamm-Stiftung, Frankfurt
   „Ausgewählte Arbeiten", Galerie im Unteren Schloss, Pähl

2007    „Kölner Liste“, One-man-show, Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Köln
   „Drei Juwelen“, Galerie im Hof, Baar, Schweiz

2006    „Der geküsste Wanderer“, Galerie Bergner+Job, Mainz
   „Art Karlsruhe“, one-man-show, Galerie Angelo Falzone, Karlsruhe
   „Auf der Suche nach dem roten Quadrat“, Galerie Angelo Falzone, Mannheim
   „Wo ist Bruno“, Galerie im Fritz-Winter-Atelier, Diessen

2005    „Northern Lights“ Galerie Thomas Hühsam, Offenbach/M


Copy of 19-788 Vergiss nicht, die Wahrheitspille zu nehmen - 120 x 220 cm (1).jpg
Copy of 19-788 Vergiss nicht, die Wahrheitspille zu nehmen - 120 x 220 cm (2).jpg

"Don't forget to take the truth pill"
Acrylic on canvas
120h x 220w cm

Copy of 18-764 7 Wochen ohne Butterbrot - 130 x 180cm (1).jpg
Copy of 18-764 7 Wochen ohne Butterbrot - 130 x 180cm (2).jpg

"7 weeks without buttered bread"
Acrylic on canvas
130h x 180w cm

Copy of 17-688 Sei nett zu deinem Nachbarn Tryptichon - 80 x 80 - 80 x 120 - 80 x 80 cm -
Copy of 17-688 Sei nett zu deinem Nachbarn - Tryptichon - 80 x 80 - 120 x 80 - 80 x 80 - 2

"Be nice to your neighbour"
Acrylic on canvas
80h x 80w cm / 80h x 120w cm / 80h x 80w cm

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