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Chrissy Angliker

"In my painting practice I cultivate recurring subject matters of nature, people and my perception and relation to them. Revisiting subject matter is both a comfort as well as a commitment to a push deeper.

When exploring the subject of the female nude, I seek to study through participation the dynamic and facets of the women close to me. I’m inspired by the expansion and contraction between the entirety and individualism of the divine female. I aim to depict that through tender glimpses of shared experiences. Exposed is my gaze, looking lovingly at women through the eyes and body of a woman.

Through larger scale paintings that create a life-size environment, I then get to invite the viewer amongst us, which initiates a shift between gazing at and being part of the experience.

Spending time in the nude together is an experience of liberation, not only in that moment, but also through the knowing that this private and exclusive experience and our relationship will be projected outward through the paintings.

Turning intimacy outward mirrors my painting practice itself. I believe that the process of painting is mine alone, but the finished painting belongs to everyone".

The focus of Chrissy Angliker’s work lies in creating a balanced relationship between the controllable and uncontrollable. Chrissy depicts that concept through the relationship she is cultivating with her medium of paint. For every intentional mark, the nature of the medium is challenging it.  The artist is searching for a sense of grace in the transition between these two opposing elements.The theme of her work arose from her feeling of life itself being a balance between control and chaos.  “As people, we have intentions, but must anticipate the intervention of outside forces beyond our power.”The finished paintings capture the relationship created by aiming to balance these extremes to capture a whole, and frank representation of the subject.

Her art is focused on visually translating her perception of herself in relationship to the world. Chrissy’s work has been shown in Europe and the US, and has been featured in several international publications. She has been commissioned to collaborate with several companies, among them AOL, Burton and Wired Magazine. Her most recent solo show, "Bodies of Water", was held at the Swiss Consulate in New York.


2002 Walnut Hill School, Framingham MA. Graduated with Honors.

2006 Bachelor of Industrial Design. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. Graduated with Honors.

ART - Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

2020 True Blue, Stalletta, by Stalla Madulain, Madulain CH

2019 NUDES, Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2018 A History of Yearning, Stalla Madulain, Madulain, CH

2018 Chrissy Angliker & Anna Sheffield for LES Art Week, New York, NY

2017 PAINT/ING/S, Galerie 94, Baden, CH

2017 High Season, Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2015 Bodies of Water, Swiss Consulate, New York, NY

2015 MEDIUM, Galerie 94, Baden, CH

2014 Chrissy Angliker & Meguru Yamaguchi, Kinfolk 94, Brooklyn, NY

2014 Hey, It’s OK., Galerie ART Seefeld, Zurich, CH

2013 Bubblegum-Nude Is Out Of Town, Superchief Gallery, New York, NY

2013 Das einzig Beständige ist die Feränderung, (w/Juri Borodatchev), Haus Kunst und Wissen, Diessenhofen, CH

2012 Bilder und Skulpturen, (w/ Fredy Amnroschtz), Galerie zur grünen Tür, Uznach, CH 2012 Control & Chaos, Knoerle & Baettig Galerie, Winterthur, CH

2002 Chrissy Angliker, Galerie Juri, Winterthur, CH

ART - Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 Rarity Summer Contemporary Exhibition, Rarity Gallery Mykonos

2020 Beyond Alysium, Kleinervonwiese Galerie, Berlin, DE
2020 Alysium, Positions Art Fair, Kleinervonwiese Galerie, Berlin, DE
2020 Üna Stà Cun, Stalla Madulain, Madulain, CH
2020 Four of a Kind, Foley Gallery, New York, NY

2019 Bonum et Malum, Kleinervonwiese Galerie, Berlin, DE

2017 Emerging to Established – A Group Show, Krause Gallery, New York, NY

2016 Paint Is a Thing, Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2016 Get Nude Get Drawn, Tictail, New York, NY 2016 Painting and Sculpture- A Group Show, Red House, New York, NY

2015 Mediums, Calico Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2015 Sollbruchstelle 03, Werdstrasse 126, Zurich, CH

2014 Face to Face, Ash Magazine, Spitzenhaus, Zurich, CH

2014 Summer Season Ultra Mega Group Show, Superchief Gallery, New York, NY

2014 GAF Art Fair, Wanders Modern & Fine Art, Amsterdam, NL

2013 Mega Group Show, Superchief Gallery, New York, NY

2013 Raw Art Fair, with Absolute Art Gallery, Rotterdam, NL

2011 Jungkunst, Sulzer Areal, Winterthur, CH 2011 Emerging Creatives Collide, William Bennett Gallery, New York, NY

2011 Young at Art, Galerie Art Seefeld, Zurich, CH

2011 Vivid Summit, Pandemic Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010 Grand Opening, Amelia Hyde Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2010 Better Weather, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2010 Tectonic Plates, New York Table Top Show, New York, NY

2010 The Ninjasonik Vinyl-Sleeve Art Show, Front Street Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2009 Only the Brave, Openhouse Gallery, New York, NY

2009 Digital Z Print, Yes Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2009 Honor Roll to the Chariots of Fire, Day One Gallery, Bridgeport, CT

2007 Art Party, Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

2005 Curator / showing Artist, Die Amerikaische Schweiz, Galerie Juri, Winterthur, CH

ART Commissions / Collaborations

2020 Art Ambassador, Artist profile videos featured on Blick Art Materials Website. Blick Art Materials, US
2020 Art Fundraiser, Art on Tote Bag to raise money for food insecurity in NYC, Galerie 94, CH
2020 Art Fundraiser, Painting sale with proceeds towards BLM movement. Artist for Humans, US
2020 Art Fundraiser, Painting sale with proceeds towards Navajo Nation. Orienda Tribe, US

2018 Art Collaboration, Artwork featured on the Tate Modern Instagram account. Tate Modern, UK

2017 Art Collaboration, Tee shirt design for the sustainable fashion label, A New York Affair, NY/ CH

2016 Art Collaboration, Art Book, Chrissy Angliker PAINT/ING/S, Neidhart + Schön AG, CH

2016 Art Commission, Two Live Paintings, Blue Balls Festival, CH

2016 Art Commission, Paintings for the short film “ The Painted Lady” by Stephanie Bollag, NY

2015 Art Commission, EP Record cover art for “Gilligan Moss”, Virgin / AMF Records, UK

2014 Art Collaboration, Mixed Media Print Collaboration “Face to Face”, ASH Magazine, CH

2014 Art Commission, Plate design for breast cancer awareness Donate A Plate, CH

2014 Art Commission, Custom painted 2 ft. Egg “Faberge’s The Big Egg Hunt”, Faberge, NY

2012 Art Commission, Full page illustration of the “Anonymous mask”, Wired Magazine

2012 Art Commission, Art on Snowboard, Burton Snowboards

2011 Art Commission, Wall Mural at AOL office lobby, America Online, San Francisco, CA

2011 Art Commission, logo art, America Online

2010 Art Commission, logo art, America Online

2010 Art Commission, Plate design, The New English, UK

Panels and Talks

2020 “Virtual Studio Visit”, Speaker, Swiss Consulate and Swiss Society of NYC, NYC, May 28.

2017 “Chrissy Angliker, PAINT/ING/S”, Speaker, Galerie 94, Baden, CH, October 21.

2016 “Book Launch, Chrissy Angliker PAINT/ING/S,” Panelist, 280 Washington, Brooklyn, NY, December 2.

2016 “Book Launch, Chrissy Angliker PAINT/ING/S,” Panelist, Zürcher Brockenhaus, Zürich, CH, November 12.

2015 “Chrissy Angliker, MEDIUM,” Speaker, Galerie 94, Baden, CH, August 22.

2014 “The Creative Spark,” L’Oreal Headliner Series, Panelist, L’Oreal USA International, New York, NY, September 19.

2014 “Chrissy Angliker, Hey, It’s OK.” Speaker, Galerie Art Seefeld, Zurich, CH, February 22.

2013 “Artist Talk, Das einzig Beständige ist die Feränderung,” Speaker, Haus Kunst und Wissen, Diessenhofen, CH, September 1.

2012 “Artist Talk, Control & Chaos,” Speaker, Galerie Knoerle & Baettig, Winterhtur, CH, May 22.

2010 “Artist Panel, Painters: Chrissy Angliker and Tom Costa,” ‘KnifeFight: Noches de los Artistas’, Speaker, Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY, July 22.


2009 Finalist, Women in the Arts Competition, ARTROM Gallery, Rome

2006 Recipient of the Rowena Reed Kostellow Award, Pratt Institute

2006 Finalist, IDSA Merit Award

2006 Recipient of the Presidential Merit Scholarship 2006 Recipient of the Pratt Grant

2006 Recipient of the Dean’s and President’s List for Academic Achievement, Pratt Institute

2005 Winner, International Takifuji Art Award, Tokyo

2005 Winner, Cuisinart Design Competition

2003 Elected by Faculty as one of the strongest “New fine Art Students,” Pratt Institute

2003 Honorable mention for the combined use of 2D & 3D skills, Pratt Institute


2018 Zevitas, Steven. Studio Visit, Volume Forty-Two. The Open Studios Press.

2018: 8-9. 2016 Neidhard, Olivier. Chrissy Angliker PAINT/ING/S. Neidhart + Schön AG,

2016. 2008 Roth, Manuela. Ecological Design. teNeues Publishing Group, 2008: 60-63.


Muse Hang I

Acrylic on canvas


122 x 122 cm

Beach_ Bonanza_2020_1600.jpeg

Busy Beach. 

Acrylic on Canvas - very layered, textural sow painting. 


122 x 122 cm

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