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Deana Nastic

b. 1964, Canada


Deana Nastic is  best known for her black-and-white photographs. focused on female nudes, exclusively in black and white, often making  reference to classical imagery. 
Deana Nastic  established a particular style marked by  stylised scenes of ballet dancers. 
Deana Nastic dubs her technique “wetting” - the act of employing loads of water to create a spontaneous and intricate arrangement of lines, shadows and colours, almost letting the canvas take on a mind of its own.  
“Happy accidents”, she calls them. With a masters degree in fine arts, she spents years orchestrating this very unique brand of beautiful, but when she found a camera three years ago, she realized she had the opportunity to continue her work in an unexpected way. Over the course of three years, she used her camera to develop a unique look that still spoke the language of her paintings. 
“My photography became very painterly, very fluid”, Nastic explains. 
“Using certain movements and light I create this sort of bleeding effect that’s reminiscent of my paintings.” 
The result is Invisible Brush, a moody dance between photography and watercolour. Deana Nastic plans to unveil the series, which features iconic Canadian model Yasmin Warsame, at Yorkiville’s Izzy Gallery on March 30. 
“These images challenge the boundaries of the traditional photographic medium”, says Roxanne Lowit, New York-based celebrity photographer. “Deana’s vision takes me on a voyage in a universe of mystery through the feminine harmonies of dynamic silhouettes.” 


Master of Fine Arts,University of Belgrade ,Serbia

Bachelor of Fine Arts,University of Belgrade,Serbia
Graphic Designer,School of Arts and Graphic Design,Belgrade ,Serbia

Solo Exhibitions

2016. “Invisible Brush” Izzy Gallery,Toronto,Canada

2014. “Untouchable” Izzy Gallery,Toronto,Canada

2008. “Figure in Movement” Lonsdale Gallery,Toronto,Canada

2003. “Female” Privee Gallery, Hamptons,USA

1997. “Portraits and Figures” Lonsdale Gallery,Toronto,Canada

Group Shows

2021 "Rarity Summer Contemporary Exhibition, Mykonos, Greece

2019. “Female Figure” Gallery Gadcollection, Paris,France

2019. “Project X-Posed” Gallery One, Toronto,Canada

2019. “Summer Exhibition” Space Gallery,New York,USA

2018. “All About Woman” Izzy Gallery,Toronto,Canada

2017. “Project X-Posed “Izzy Gallery,Toronto,Canada

2015. “Portraits” Izzy Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2003. “Nudes” Privée Gallery, Hamptons, USA

2002. “Summer Exhibition” Izzy Gallery, Toronto,Canada

1995. “Portraits” Delbello Gallery, Toronto, Canada






Photograph 116 x 168h

Ed of 10

9256 Yasmin 4 48x72 copy 2.jpeg


Photograph 116 x 168h

Ed of 10

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