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b. 1940, Greece

1959/65   Study of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Athens

1965         Diploma of Sculpture and art instruction

1965/71   Free-lance-artist in Athens

1971         Move to Berlin/West Germany

1972/77   Study at the Academy of Arts, Berlin. Free-lance-artist

1977         Advanced studies with Professor Ber, Heiliger

1988         Professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts, Thessaloniki


Selected Solo Exhibitions

1991         Hakone Open-Air Museum, Japan
2001         WerkstattGallery, Hermann Noack

1998         Gallery Hartmann & Noe in cooperation with the Cultural Center and the Greece Consultancy at Berlin

1989-90    Old Archeological Museum, Thessaloniki’s Municipality

1988         Gallery Keller, Aschaffenburg

1985         Gallery Ludwig Lange, Berlin

1982         Gallery Hans Barlach, Hamburg

1981         Gallery S 65 Aalst, Belgium

1980         Documenta-Archiv, Kassel

1978         Gallery Lietzow, Berlin

1977         Gallery Agapi, Hamburg

1976         Gallery Lietzow, Berlin

Selected Group Exhibitions

1993         Hakone, Open-Air Museum, Contributor at the 1st Fujisankei Biennale. Awarded Special Prize.

1990         Contributor of the 3rd Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition at the Hakone Open-Air Museum,  Japan”.  Awarded Grand Prize for “Hermaphrodite”

1988         Contributor of “The 2nd Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition at the Hakone Open-Air Museum,  Japan”. Awarded Special Prize for the Sculpture “Female Torso”. Sculpture was purchased by the Museum

1987         Small Works Exhibition, Gallery Lietzow

1986         Life and Death, Kunstamt Tiergarten, Berlin

                “The Other Land” Foreign Artist in the FR Germany

                 Touring exhibition: Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt am Main, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart, München, Hannover, Luxemburg

                 Contemporary Porcelain Sculpture, Gallery Ludwig Lange

                “Experimental Art the 6th International Small Arts Exhibitions” at the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art

1985         “Maskulin/Feminin”, Gallery Marina Dingler

1984         International Art Fair, Cologne

1982         Kunstquartier Foreign Artist in Berlin

1980         Ten Years, Gallery Lietzow

1979         The Sign-Language of Sculpture, Gallery Lietzow

1977         “Isolation” Evangelisches Forum Berlin. With Stöhrer, W.-Appelt, D.-Bier, W.-Fotis



The Approach
70 x 70 x 30 cm


Under the Red sky
160 x 52 x 65 cm


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