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Georg Scheele

Georg Scheele is best known for his abstract sculptural art. 
His works are included in many major collections, both private and public, and he has held more than one hundred solo and collective exhibitions worldwide.

Jürgen Raap

 "The boundaries of the material"

 Notes on the works of Georg Scheele

...With each new work, Georg Scheele takes on a tightrope walk between success and failure, whereat the failure can be one of craftsmanship as in the accidental breaking of the material as well as aesthetically, if he still rejects the result artistically despite technical success.


 The risk the artist takes with all the intellectual, emotional-psychological, artistic and material-scientifically explainable tensions in the particular work process, is in the finished work sometimes clearly, sometimes only indirectly perceptible for the sensitive viewer. But each of the sculptures documents the permanent approaches to certain pressure points that have been experienced in the creative process.



Most of Scheele's work since the 1990s namely quite deliberately stresses a tectonic character to a much greater degree, even with those sculptures, which focus the viewer's eye on a "lofty" negative mold. Where for George Scheele too, however, it is still about the overcoming or dissolution of static, the final optical result is, in the work process itself, almost always superimposed by the problem of how far the physical tension of the material can be exhausted.


 Despite their distinct form-finding methods and visual languages Cragg and Scheele still show something in common: both work process- and not just product-oriented. Sculpture is for both artists, therefore, defined not only in the classic manner of the plastic volume and the view through the cavities of negative forms, but above all as a "form-finding" and "form-building" process in which ultimately also the time factor is a constitutive component

1961 – Born in Hofheim am Taunus, Germany
1984 – Studies in Carrara/Pietrasanta, Italy
1986 – Order for a „Bartholomäus“ Skulptur in Dinkelsbühl,

1987 – Order for a „Bonifatius“ Skulptur for the church in
Dinkelsbühl, Germany
1988 – Bought a farm in Portugal
1990 – Living and working in Portugal


Exhibitions in Germany
1986 – Galerie Moering, Wiesbaden
1988 – Galerie Moering, Wiesbaden
1989 – Sculptur-Symposium, Mainz
1990 – Galerie Preutenborbeckshof, Essen
2006 – Galerie Winter, Wiesbaden
2017 – Galerie Feld+Haus, Frankfurt

Exhibitions in Portugal
1992 – Galeria Trinidade, Lisbon
1992 – Galeria Caixa de arte, Porto
1993 – Galeria Sobreiro, Monchique
1998 – Galeria C. C. de São Lorenço
2000 – Galeria C. C. de São Lorenço
2003 – Galeria C. C. de São Lorenço
2003 – Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon
2006 – Galeria C. C. de Sao Lorenço
2007 – Galeria São Mamede, Porto
2008 – Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon
2009 – Galeria C. C. de São Lorenço
2012 – Galeria Arte Catto, Algarve
2013 – Galeria Ap’Arte. Porto
2015 – Galeria ArteCatto, Loule
2016 – Galeria Ap’Arte, Porto
2018 – Galeria Ap’Arte, Porto
2019 – Conrad Algrave with Galeria Arte Catto

Exhibitions in England

1999 – Stenton Galerie, Edinburgh

2007 – Gallery Robert Bowman, London

2018 – Gallery Robert Bowman, London

Exhibition in Sweden

2009 – Galerie Arte Veritas, Gotenbourg

1989 – Sculpture Symposium in Mainz, Germany
2005 – International Sculpture Symposium in Dubai, United


Arab Emirates
2006 – 4th International Sculpture Symposium in Hue, Vietnam

2010 – With Gallery Robert Bowman at San Francisco 20th Century Fair
2011 – Feira de Arte Lisboa with Galeria Sao Mamede
2019 –  Art Madrid with Galeria Sao Mamede
2020 –  Art Madrid with Galeria Sao Mamede


Marble Sculpture 


87L x 46W x 70H

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