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Heiner Meyer

Heiner Meyer’s painting is characterized by consistency and undogmatic intransigence, and likewise by the principles of an arte sull’arte—art whose primary theme is art itself.

In his works, he confidently layers quo- tes and adaptations of a wide range of sources one above the other and in doing so demonstrates the simultaneity of the non-simultaneous. Classic Greek sculptures, portraits of movie stars from the fifties, Mickey Mouse and other comic-book characters, butterflies, and cubes are the recurring set pieces in Meyer’s idiom and quoted in ever-new constellations and confrontations.

This subjective iconography is reconstructed from picture to picture; there is no connecting or even binding scheme.


Meyer’s art is always a new creation—never repetition; his painterly vocabulary is declined and conjugated in a different way in each work. In the process, the artists never lapses into the suggestion of his models—that is, the pictures that were there before his; both the stars of antique mythology as well as the Hollywood stars are quoted from a relativizing distance; their aura is processed and not venerated! It is out of this distance to his themes that Meyer achieves the absolute freedom in his painting, in which the sublime appears alongside the trivial, past alongside present, realistic alongside abstract, elite alongside popular.


Heiner Meyer’s works have been presented in more than two hundred group and solo exhibitions and his oeuvre being represented in a large number of public and private collections.





1953   Born in Bielefeld

1972   First solo exhibition at Galerie Bernhard Hüning, Münster

1973–1974 Stay in London and Cadaquès

1973   Assistant to Salvador Dalí in Port Liggat, Spain

1977   Begins study of fine arts at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste in Braunschweig,  at first with Profs. Hermann Albert and Lienhard von Monkiewitsch, later with Prof. Karl Schulz and Prof. Malthe Sar- torius

1981   Was named master student by Prof. Malthe Sartorius • recipient of Rudolf-Wilke Prize of the City of Braunschweig

1982   Art Prize of the Lottogesellschaft Lower Saxony • Prize recipient

1983   Teaching position at HBK Braun- schweig • marries Brigitte Worbs sets up first studio in Bielefeld

1986– 1990 Teaching position at the Fach- hochschule Bielefeld, Department of                             Visual Communication

1987   Ebernburg Grant of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate

1993   Supported by the Ministry of Cul- ture of the State of NRW • com- pletes many                  projects for museums in the following years • three museums in the Eastern Westphalia region simultaneously present overview of his work to date

1996   Receives travel stipend for Japan from the Goethe Institute Kansai





Firm ADP,  Espelkamp 
Collection Ahlers,  Hannover 
Ralph Anstoetz,  Bielefeld 
Artothek,  Bad Oeynhausen 
Artothek, Bielefelder Kunstverein 
Artothek, Fachhochschule für Gestaltung, Bielefeld

Dr. Wilhelm Bender,  Frankfurt a. M. 
Susan & Terry Block,  California / USA  
Collection Klaus D. Brennecke,  Berlin

Collection Chama,  Munich 
Collectione Cromosphère,  Dueville / I 
Contemporary Art Museum,  Miami / USA

Giovanni Descher  Wiedenbrück 
Collection Dörenberg, Munich 
German Fototage,  Frankfurt a. M.  
German Post Museum,  Frankfurt a. M. 
Collection Durchlaub,  Bochum

Burkhard Eikelmann,  Dusseldorf 
Escada Middle East 
Ecoveneta Collectione,  Vicenca / I

Dr. Joachim Feldges,  MunichSammlungsflügel, Nürnberg 
Collection Cheerful,  Zurich / CH

Collection Gebler, Hannover 
Graphic Collection,  Biberach 
William J. Grusdat,  Zurich / CH

Collection Hanning, Bielefeld 
Collection Harting, Minden 
Collection autumn,  Rheinland 
Herborn u. Breitenbach,  Unna

Tommy Hilfiger Collection, Miami / USA 
Collection Honsel, Boca Raton 
Collection Hummel,  Pirmasens 
Herforder Kunstverein 
Hewlett-Packard,  Palo Alto / USA 
College of Fine Arts,  Braunschweig 
Hucke group  Lübbecke 
Collection Hummel,  Pirmasens 
Hyatt Hotel, Atlanta, Hamburg, MainzErwin Hymer Museum, Bad Waldsee

JAB Anstoetz group  Bielefeld

Marie-Luise & Matthias Küper,  Stuttgartcollection Kettler,  Bönen Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld Kodama Collection, Osaka / JHeike and Adi Kraus, Frankfurt a. M. Dr.Petra Kolb students and Peter Kolb, Darmstadt

Collection Luley, Wellington / NZLNicolaus Leskovar, Vienna Bernd F. Lunkewitz, Berlin, Frankfurt a.M.

Collection Mang, Bodensee Fundacio Miro,Barcelona / E Lambert Monet, Palma de Mallorca / E Museum Liesborn Abbey,Liesborn Museum Ludwig, KoblenzMuseum of the Principality of LüneburgMuseum Minden collection C. flag,Switzerland Museum Oldenburg Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch Museum Würth,Künzelsau Museum Walter, Augsburg
Nikolaus Nadrag, Bielefeld Bernd Nunn,Munich

Oberhessisches Museum, castingcollection Sal. Oppenheim, Cologne, Berlin

Dr. Peters Group, Dortmund

Collection tab, Hamburg Family Dr. Andreas Röhrle, Schwabisch GmundRomano-Germanic Museum, Cologne

Collection Ströck, Vienna / A Sculpture Hall Basel, Basel / CH Sparkasse fretscollection G. Schroeder, Hannover Cultural Foundation of Sparkasse Bielefeld Public Library, Herford City Braunschweig / Lower Saxony Collection Stender,Schermbeck collection Thomas Sommer,Obermichelbach Sullivan & Cromwell, Frankfurt a. M. , Chicago / USA

Hans-Gerd Tantius, Lübbecke

Collection Voith, Heidenheim Volksbank Bielefeld

Martin von Wagner Museum, Würzburgcollection Udo Walz, Berlin collection Westerwelle, Weber, Bielefeld collection Wilden, Regensburg

Zeppelin Museum, FriedrichshafenCollection Nicholas Zoullas,  New York / USA




2016   Galerie Tantius, Lübbecke, 30 Years 30 Works

            Herforder Kunstverein, Herford (K), Beneath the Surface

            Brennecke Fine Art, Berlin, What’s the Word?

            Ludwig Museum, Koblenz (K), Beneath the Surface

            Villa Friede, Bonn (K)

            Galerie Dutoit, Unterentfelden/CH (K)

            Galerie 2C for Art, Salzburg/A, Beneath the Surface

            Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf (K), The LV-Show

2015   Galerie Doris Hölder, Ravensburg (K), See you again

            Arthus Galerie, Zell a.H., Heroes on Paper

            Galerie Noah, Augsburg, Passion

            Matthias Küper Galleries, Stuttgart, Recent Works

            Galerie 2C for Art, Wien/A, One-Man-Show auf der Viennafair

            Galerie Eikelmann, Art Fair Köln, A Tribute to Alex Katz

            Galerie Schimming, Hamburg, Stories of the Future

            Galerie Eikelmann, Pop Up-Galerie auf der Kö, Düsseldorf (K), One-Man-Show at Königsallee 27

            Galerie Flügel, Nürnberg (K), Stories of the Future

2014   Galerie Terminus, München, State of Play

            Brennecke Fine Art, Berlin, Spirit of Ecstasy

            Galerie 2C for Art, Salzburg, Reset

            Galerie Diede, Burg Brohl, State of Play

            Hannover Gallery, Hannover, Have a Look

2012   Galerie Brennecke mit Ford Beckmann, Berlin

2012   Galerie von Stechow, Frankfurt

2012   Stadtmuseum Oldenburg, Oldenburg

2011   Campton Gallery, New York/USA

2011   Christian Hohmann Gallery, Palm Desert/USA (K)

2010   Matthias Küper Gallery (K), Beijing/CHN 2010 Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris/F mit Feng Zhengjie

2010   Galleria Palazzo Coveri, Florenz/I

2010   Galerie Brennecke, Berlin

2008   Hart Gallery, Palm Desert, USA

2007   Galerie Matthias Küper, Stuttgart

2007   Kunstverein Niebüll, Richard-Hainzmann-Museum, Niebüll

2006   Kunsthalle Neufer am Park, Pirmasens

2005   Kunstverein Herford (K)

2005   Die Galerie, Frankfurt a.M. (K)

2005   Burkhard Eikelmann, New York/USA (K)

2004   Kunstclub, Hamburg

2004   Decoya Contemporary, Seoul/ROK

2003   Instituto di Cultura Germanica, Bologna/I

2000   Galeria Monet Art Diffusion, Palma de Mallorca/E

2000   Palazzo Barbaran da Porto, Vicenza/I (K)

2000   Skulpturhalle, Basel/CH (K)

1997   Römisch-Germanisches Museum, Köln (K)

1997   Galerie Cachet, Wien/A

1996   Rijkers Art Diffusion, Amsterdam/NL

1996   Kodama Gallery, Osaka/J (K)

1992   Museum für das Fürstentum Lüneburg (K)

1987   Tact Gallery, Tokio/J (K)





2016   Museum Ahrweiler, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Deutsche Pop Art

            Arthus Galerie, Zell/Köln; Brennecke Fine Arts, Berlin; Galerie Barbara von Stechow,                                 Frankfurt, Art Karlsruhe

            Galerie Terminus, München, Art Miami

            Galerie Schimming, Hamburg

            Galerie Terminus, München

            Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt, Art New York

            Rarity Gallery, Mykonos/GR

            Werkhallen, Remagen

2015   Galerie 2C for Art, Salzburg/A, Works on Paper

            Galerie Terminus, München, Künstler der Galerie

            Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Soul Kitchen

            Palazzo Abrizzi, Venedig/I, Biennale Venedig

            Galerie Terminus, München; Baker Sponder, Boca Raton/USA, Art Southhampton

            Plakartive Bielefeld , Galerie Terminus, München
            Art Fair Cologne

            Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt; Brennecke Fine Arts, Berlin, Kunst Zürich

            Richard-Haizmann-Museum Niebüll, Niebüll, Private Schätze

            Galerie Terminus, Miami/USA; Galerie Schimming, Hamburg; Baker Sponder,

            Boca Raton/USA, Art Miami

            Galerie Hölder, Ravensburg

            Städtische Galerie Lippstadt

2014   Arthus Galerie, Zell / Köln; Galerie Brennecke, Berlin; Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt, 

            ›Art Karlsruhe‹

            Hohmann Fine Art, Palm Dessert

            Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco, 30th anniversary

            Galerie Roy, Zülpich, Neue Grafik

            Galerie Terminus, München, Künstler der Galerie

            Galerie Schimming, Hamburg, Skulpturen Kampus

            2C for Art, Salzburg, Art Salzburg

            Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a.M., Art Fair 21

            Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf; Galerie Stechow, Frankfurt a.M.; Galerie Terminus, München;                 Arthus Galerie, Zell / Köln, Art Fair Köln

            Galerie Brennecke, Berlin, Zürich 14

            Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing

            Werkhallen, Remagen, New Positions

            Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton, Think Pink

            Galerie Flügel-Roncak, Nürnberg, Stories of the future

            Galerie Terminus, München, Art Miami

2013   Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a. M., ›Kunst Zürich 13‹, Zürich

            Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a. M., ›Art Fair‹ (mit Helle Jetzig), Köln

            Galerie Terminus, München

            Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a. M., ›Art Wiesbaden‹, Wiesbaden

            Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Kunstclub, Hamburg

            Galerie Terminus, München, ›Expo Chicago‹, Chicago /USA

            Commerzbank, Düsseldorf

            Galerie Terminus, München; Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, ›Art Southampton‹, USA

            Künstlerverein Walkmuehle, Wiesbaden, ›Die Leinwand des Leibes‹ 

            Kunsthaus, Wiesbaden, ›Vielfalt‹, 

            Arthus Galerie, Zell / Köln, ›Cologne Paper Art‹, Köln

            Arthus Galerie, Zell / Köln; Galerie Brennecke, Berlin; Galerie Barbara von Stechow,

            Frankfurt, ›Art Karlsruhe‹

2012   Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Masterpieces

            Galerie Hölder, Ravensburg

            Galerie Terminus, München, Art Miami (USA)

            Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a. M.
            Helle Jetzig + Heiner Meyer, Art Fair, Köln

            Galerie Terminus, München, Art Fair, Köln

            Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch

            Galerie Terminus, München, Art Southhampton, Southhampton USA

            Arthus Galerie, Köln

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M., KIAF, Seoul

            Arthus Galerien Köln | Zell, Art Karlsruhe

            Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco ,LA Art Show (USA)

2011   Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a. M., Ausblick Rückblick

            Galerie Terminus, München, Art Miami, (USA) und Art Fair, Köln

            Galerie Terminus, München, Best of Galerie Terminus

            Galerie Brennecke, Berlin

            Galerie Terminus, München

            Arthus Galerie, Zell/Köln, Art Karlsruhe

            Burkhard Eikelmann Gallery, Düsseldorf, Kunstmesse Düsseldorf

            Galerie Terminus, Palm Beach (USA)
            American International Fine Art Fair

            Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco

            Christian Hohmann Fine Arts, Palm Desert, LA Art Show (USA)

2010   Galerie Terminus, Palm Beach, Art Palm Beach (USA)

            Hohmann Gallery & Caldwellsnyder, Los Angeles (USA), L.A. Art Show

            Galerie Terminus, München, Art Miami (USA)

2009   Galerie Terminus, München, ART MIAMI

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt, KIAF, Seoul (KOR)

            Galerie Terminus, München, WORLD FINA ART FAIR, Salzburg (A)

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M., Art Chicago (USA)

2008   Galerie Terminus, München
            Fine Art, West Palm Beach / FL (USA)

            Galerie Terminus, München
            Art Miami Beach, Miami, FL (USA)

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M.
            Korea International Art Fair, KIAF 2008

            Galerie Terminus, München
            Korea International Art Fair, KIAF 2008

            Galerie Eikelmann, Düsseldorf
            PrintBasel 2008, Basel (CH)

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M.
            Moscow World Art Fair, Moskau (RUS)

            Galerie Arthus, Zell am Hamersbach, kunStart 08, in Bozen (I)

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M., Art Chicago, (USA)

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M.
            The London Original Print Fair, London / UK

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M.
            Art Paris

            Galerie Burkhard Eikelmann, Düsseldorf
            bridgeArtFair New York 08, New York / USA

            Galerie BRENNECKE, Berlin, art Karlsruhe, 2008

            ARTHUS Galerie, Zell am Hammersbach, art Karlsruhe, 2008

            Galerie Terminus, München

            Fine Art, West Palm Beach / FL (USA)

            The Hart Gallery, Palm Desert CA (USA)

            Galerie Terminus, München
            palmbeach 3, West Palm Beach / FL (USA)

2007   Avantgart Galerie Kreuzer & Roy, Heimbach, COLOGNE FINE ART 2007

            ARTHUS Galerie, Zell am Harmersbach, Liste Berlin, 07

            Avantgart Galerie Kreuzer & Roy, PRINTBASEL, 2007

            25 Jahre Galerie ARTFORUM, Hannover, KUBUS Hannover

            ARTHUS Galerie, Zell am Harmersbach, Liste Köln, 07

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M., artparis 07, Paris / F

            Galleria ModenArte, Boca Raton (USA), Art Miami, 2007

            Galerie Terminus, München, palmbeach 3, West Palm Beach, Florida/USA

2006   Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M., ArtCologne, Köln, Neue Arbeiten

            Kunsthalle Luise in Kooperation mit der Galerie Burkhard Eikelmann, Düsseldorf

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M. Korea International Art Fair 2006, Korea

            Galerie Burkhard Eikelmann, Düsseldorf, Moscow World Fine Art Fair, Russland      

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M., artparis 06, Paris, Frankreich

            Galerie Heidefeld, Krefeld, art Karlsruhe

            Die Galerie, Frankfurt a. M., Cologne Fine Art

            Galerie Terminus, München, palmbeach 3, West Palm Beach, Florida/USA






Diamonds, Oil on Canvas 180x120 cm 

      Ice Cream, Oil on Canvas 120x100 cm

Miss GT, Oil on Canvas 145x145 cm

Beach Art , Oil on Canvas

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