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Ismael Lagares (b. 1978, Spain)

Ismael Lagares  has a colourful, vibrant, fast and loose touch that enters fully into abstraction.Colour is one of the most outstanding elements in his work,

acquiring a fresh and luminous palette, full of bright colours: intense yellow, pink, light green, electric blue, they create spaces that invite you to explore and let yourself be carried away by visual sensations.

Colour is one of the most outstanding elements in his work.

Not only the color is the protagonist, but also the material and technique form a whole of vital importance in his production. Lagares plays with the pictorial density of his works, either through excess or moderation. Heavy masses of paint coexist with soft brush strokes, creating a fragile and resounding scene at the same time. Likewise, the support acquires equal importance in the works of Lagares, being the linen the support on which the work is constructed.

By tackling the technique of Ismael Lagares, it is possible to establish a relationship with other artists such as Jackson Pollock, or the UAE artist who died in 2016, Hassan Sharif. From the first one he takes the movement and gestures of his painting, which runs freely over the linen, remembering the uncontrolled dance that Pollock performed in his studio. De Sharif takes “loyalty to colour”, a description used by the UAE artist himself to refer to his work. As with Sharif’s work, Ismael Lagares’ paintings show all his brilliance and mastery in the use of colour.This way of creating of Ismael Lagares gives as a result a measured and well studied experience, but at the same time it is fresh and exciting, totally unpretentious.

Lagares has been present at exhibitions in cities such as Valencia or Alicante and has received awards from numerous competitions both nationally and internationally, among others, Premio Nacional de Salón de Otoño Sevilla (2010) y el 1º Premio Internacional Francisco Zurbarán, Fuente de Cantos, Badajoz. Currently his work is exhibited in several exhibitions of contemporary art at national and international levels, some salient examples being ARCO, MACO, LIMA ART, Art Madrid, or JustMad.



2015 Birimbao Gallery, Seville.

2014 Casa Colón, THE ETERNITY OF THE CONQUER, Huelva.

2012 MAG, Mustang Art Gallery, Elche, Alicante.

2011 LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, PAPER'S SHIP, Valencia.

2010 Volúbilis Gallery, SOUTHWEST // SOUTHWEST, Marbella.

2009 Creative Space LA BAÑERA, II Rombos, Sevilla.

        Vázquez Díaz Museum, WHEN THE RIVER SOUNDS ..., Nerva.

2006 Félix Gómez Gallery, A MEDIA LUZ, Sevilla.



2018- 2020 Rarity Summer Contemporary Exhibition, Rarity Gallery Mykonos

2014 Infanta Elena Museum, Tomelloso, Ciudad Real.

        Provincial Council Chamber, Jaén.

        Pedro Peña Gallery, Marbella.

        Unhate Benetton Foundation, Milan, Italy.

        Courtyard Gallery Dubait, United Arab Emirates.

        Wine Museum, Bollullos del Condado, Huelva.

2013 ARCO, Diputación de Huelva.

        Infanta Elena Museum, Tomelloso, Ciudad Real.

        Pinelo House, Seville.

2012 ARCO, LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, Madrid.

        MACO, LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, Mexico df.

        "The barbarians are coming" ICAS, Seville.

         José Cardin Fernández Foundation, Villaviciosa, Asturias.

         Ibercaja Camón Aznar Museum, Zaragoza.

         Culture Center room 2, Gijón.

         Valentin Madariaga Foundation, Seville.

         Bath Gallery, Madrid.

2011 ARCO, LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, Madrid.

        MACO, LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, Mexico df.


        López Villaseñor Museum, Ciudad real.

2010 LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, Call Call 2010, Valencia.

        Casa Colón, Huelva.

        Casa de Vacas, Retiro Park, Madrid.

2009 UNIA, Lisbon, Portugal.

        Casa Grande Cultural Center, Ayamonte, Huelva.

2008 Sala Imagen, Cajasol, Seville.

         Daniel Vazquez Díaz Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, Nerva, Huelva.

2007 Casa de Vacas, Retiro Park, Madrid.

         Space for Art Caja Madrid, Ciudad Real.

         Antonio López Torres Art Museum, Tomelloso, Ciudad Real.

2006 Santa Catalina Castle in Cádiz.

         Alcalá de Guadaira Museum, Seville.

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