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Jaime Valero

The portraits of Spanish artist Jaime Valero are an interesting example of contemporary realism that embodies the duality of simplicity and complexity. Each large-scale painting is pared down to a few basic elements seen throughout all of Jaime Valero’s work: a solitary figure typically from the shoulders up in an aquatic environment.


The figures, both male and female, sometimes look out at the viewer, other times they are preoccupied with activity. While the format of each piece is minimal, it’s the painters’ acute observation of the figure that adds layers of densely packed information and visual complexity to the painting.


Jaime Valero uses photography as a source material for his paintings- a pragmatic necessity for capturing his water soaked subjects-but the end result are paintings that don’t feel beholden to the source.


Instead, as Jaime works over the entire canvas, he’s constantly judging what the painting needs: adding small details, layering transparent glazes, and placing shades and tints that give life to the figure. The end result is a surface of which every square inch is packed with information about the figure, and stands as a testament to the observational skills of the artist.


University Complutense of Madrid. Madrid, Spain.                               
Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts major, specializing in engraving. 1991.



2015    Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece

2012    Galería L´Arcada, Girona, Spain
2007    Klaudia Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2006    Galería Mito, Barcelona
2005    Klaudia Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2003    Delta Technologies Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2000    House of Cantabria, Madrid, Spain
             Governing Province of Guadalajara. 2 Realistic Artists, Guadalajara, Spain
             Azteca Gallery, Madrid, Spain


2015    Rarity Gallery,  “Summer  Sallon”, Mykonos, Greece

             Sirona Fine Art, “The Artist´s Gaze”, Florida, USA

2014    Galería El Quatre, “From White to Black”, Barcelona, Spain

             Rarity Gallery,  “Summer  Sallon”, Mykonos, Greece

             Zhou B Art Center, “Fixation 2014”, Chicago, USA

2013    Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece

2012    Galería Nolde, Navacerrada (Madrid), Spain
             Real Is Me International Art Fair, Amsterdam

2011    European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain
2010    Museo Casa de la Moneda, V Figurative Painting Award, Madrid
             Galería L´Arcada, Escultura i Bodegó, Per qué no?, Girona, Spain
2009    Galería Ansorena, Spaces, Madrid, Spain
2008    Galería L’Arcada, Altres Obres, Altres Artistes. Girona, Spain

             Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain
2007    National Portrait Gallery, Londres, Reino Unido
             Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edimburgh, Scotland
             Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid, Spain
             Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, United Kingdom
             Fundación Fran Daurel, Barcelona, Spain
             Galería Juan Amiano, The Nude, Pamplona, Spain
2006    Klaudia Marr Gallery, 13th Annual Realism Invitational, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2005    Gallery Castelló 120, Realism 2005, Madrid

             Diocesano de Barcelona Museum, Iniciativa BMW per la innovació, Barcelona, Spain
2004    Museum of Contemporary Art Santo Domingo, Tradition and Avantgard II. Guadalajara, Spain  
             Swan Coach House Gallery, Interiors, Atlanta, Georgia
             Klaudia Marr Gallery, Winter Guests, Santa Fe, New Mexico
             Gallery Castelló 120, Realism 2004, Madrid
2003    Casa de Vacas, Madrid
             Kennesaw State University, Year of Spain
             SunTrust Bank exhibition hall
             Momus Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
             Hispanic American Commerce for Economic Development (HACED) exhibition hall, in affiliation        

             with the Georgia Hispanic Camber of Commerce
             Columbus Museum,Redefining Georgia, Perspectives in Contemporary Art, Columbus, Georgia
2002    San Fernando Fine Art Institute, Madrid, Spain
             M.A. Doran, Tulsa, OK
             Gaudi Gallery, Chicago, IL
             Sturgis Gallery Kennesaw State University, Windows to Latin Art,Atlanta, Georgia
             Stage Gallery, Realism 2002, Merrick, New York
             Fulton County Government Center, Atlanta, Georgia
             Beverly Libby Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia
             City Gallery East. Atlanta, Georgia
             Fine Arts Royal Academy of San Fernando, Madrid, Spain
             Charlene Cody Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico
             Brita Prinz Gallery. 5 Etching Artists, Madrid, Spain
             Brita Prinz Gallery. Graphic Works, Madrid, Spain
             Spanish Contemporary Etching Museum. Marbella, Spain
             City Hall of Guadalajara. Guadalajara, Spain

             Spanish Contemporary Etching Fundation Museum, Málaga, Spain
             Arte Caja Madrid. Ciudad Real, Spain
             Exhibition Hall Juan Larrea. Bilbao, Spain
             Jerez’s City Hall. Realism, Jerez, Spain
             Azteca Gallery. Madrid, Spain



Portraits of 4 Retired Chief of Staff. Commissioned by the Spanish Military. Madrid, Spain; 1999.
His Majesty Juan Carlos I of Borbón, King of Spain. Sponsored by the Spanish Military Headquarters. These three portraits are placed in the offices of the  National Secretary of Defense. Madrid, Spain; 1999.


2011    AutoCugat Painting Award. Finalist. Saint Cugat del Vallés,Barcelona, Spain
2010    V Figurative Painting Award . Foundation for the Art and the Artists,Finalist. Madrid
2008   III Figurative Painting Award . Foundation for the Art and the Artists, Finalist. Madrid, 2008
2007    II Figurative Painting Award . Foundation for the Art and the Artists,Finalist. Madrid, 2007
            BP Portrait Award. Finalist. London, 2007
2003    XVIII BMW Painting Competition. First Prize. Madrid Spain, October 2003
2002    Stage Gallery, Realism 2002. Merrick, New York. June 2002
2001    XVI BMW Painting Competition. Finalist. Madrid Spain, October 2001

2000    Providence of Guadalajara Drawing Juried Show. Awarded 2nd Prize, Guadalajara Spain
1999    VII National Etching Awards, sponsored by the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Etching. Finalist. Malaga, Spain

             XXIII National Watercolor Competition. Finalist in this juried show sponsored by Caja Madrid. Madrid Spain


III International Painting Course. One of the 40 selected participants in this course, directed by the renowned Spanish realistic artist Antonio López García.
Jerez, Spain; 1998

Oil on canvas

120 x 150 cm

Oil on wooden panel

120 x 150 cm


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