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Jeppe Lauge

"Through the - often large and vividly expressive - paintings, I explore the relationship with our surroundings and raise questions about how we perceive them. I’m interested in the way we shape our environment and are shaped by it; how we organize and reflect upon ourselves in the space we travel to or live in - both on a personal level and in a broader perspective. The paintings do not accommodate any people, only the composite nature. if I populate the paintings, then the space becomes theirs, and we will see it from, and through, their point of view. I want the painting to be the viewer’s room, allowing them to find their own way in - and perspective on - the landscape. I’m not interested in telling a story, but in creating a framework in which one can emerge.

I work with questions such as: Which role does the landscape / the environment play today - whether you are part of an environment, a larger whole, or an outside body? How do our senses and cultural conditions influence our perception of these surroundings? Do we have control or non-control over the landscape? What is natural, real or original, and do such concepts even make sense in a constantly changing world?

The paintings thus confront us with these questions through the landscape motif - which is not necessarily a classic idealisation of the romantic or aesthetic cultivation of nature’s greatness, or the cultural and industrial influence we have on the world today - but a picture that could represent today’s landscape - a composite space-.

The paintings are oil on canvas, raw in texture as a result of the many layers that have been worked onto the surface. They depict a landscape within an abstract-geometric space, constructing a dualism between different elements and forms of painterly- and picturesque expressions. The paintings create a visual representation of a mediated nature, where formatted realism and geometric abstractions infiltrate to form a new composition".

He has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, France and The Netherlands. 

2011 - Bachelor fine arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL.
2007 - Ærø kunsthøjskole, Ærø DK.
2006 - Århus kunstskole, Århus DK.

2017 - The Luxembourg Art Prize (nominee), The Pinacothèque, Luxembourg LUX.

2011 - Best of Graduates (nominee) Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam NL.

2009 - Hans Brinker Trophee (nominee), Hans Brinker Hotel, Amsterdam NL.


2018 - ARTSCI Magazine issue 1, The Museum of Awe, NASA by Cecilie Var Norsahl
2018 - 01.11 De Volkskrant De crematoriumkunst van Dela by Bart Dirks
2018 - 16.07 Ugenda ZomerExpo tijdens de Nijmeegse Vierdaagsefeesten by Galerie Bart
2012 - 25.03 Lost Painters Appels Gallery: Raquel van Haver, Kim David Bots en Jeppe Lauge

DELA Art Collection



2018 - Somewhere around here, e.artis contemporary (DE)
2017 - Here, Appels Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2013 - The Meeting, Appels Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2012 - I walk the line, galerie244, Amsterdam (NL)
2009 - Untitled, Skanderborg amts gymnasium, Skanderborg (DK)
2008 - Untitled, Svineriet, Århus (DK)
2007 - TraP - ParT of paintings, Machwerket, Århus (DK)


2021 - Rarity Summer Contemporary Exhibition 2021, Rarity Gallery, Mykonos (GR)

2020 - In my own space. Bredgade Kunsthandel. (DK)

2019 - OSTRALE Biennale for contemporary art. (DE)
2019 - AROUND THE CORNER. Galerie Bart. (NL)
2019 - REMIX # 5. Galerie kunst mix (DK)
2018 - PAN Art fair. Galerie Bart. (NL)
2018 - Galerie Mozaiek (NL)
2018 - Vierdaagsefeesten ZomerExpo. Curated by: Simone Kol and Kim Uittenhout. Nijmegen (NL)
2018 - e.artis contemporary, Black & White (DE)
2017 - The Luxembourg Art Prize. (LUX)
2016 - Josilda da Conceicao Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2016 - Galerie Bart, Nijmegen (NL)
2015 - Platform Platvorm Exhibition, Bart Invites, Amsterdam (NL)
2014 - 14, Galerie 14, Luxembourg city (LUX)
2012 - wegens succes vervallen, Bart kunst in huis, Nijmegen (NL)
2012 - Uit de Anonimiteit, Grachten galerie, Utrecht (NL)
2012 - North Face(S), LCProject and Le LEE, Metz (FRA)
2012 - Zomer expo 2012, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag (NL)
2012 - Opening expo, Appels Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2011 - Exhibition in Residence, Van der Hoopstraat 114, Amsterdam (NL)
2011 - BEST OF GRADUATES, Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
2011 - The graduation show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL)
2010 - Exhibition 6#, Boven’s gallerie, Art initiative Verfhond, Schildersgenootschap Amsterdam (NL)
2010 - Tweede Nassauer Ateliers, Amsterdam (NL)
2010 - BK2B. Kind Regards, Amsterdam (NL)
2009 - Hans Brinker Trophee, Hans Brinker Hotel, Amsterdam (NL)
2009 - 12 Collaborations, Toolstraat, Amsterdam (NL)
2008 - Machwerket, Århus (DK)
2008 - Ung kunst, Baghold, København (DK)
2007 - KE-kunstnernes efterårsudstilling, Den frie udstillingsbygning, København (DK)
2007 - Machwerket, Århus, (DK)



200 X 492 CM.





225 X 185 CM.





185 X 245 CM.


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