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La Fratrie

The French artist duo La Fratrie (Karim and Luc Berchiche) invite us to explore their universe via their "rock-islands". Through their formal and technical precision these mixed-media sculptures (made of silicone, silver, gold-leaf, iron, flocking…) turn their creators into the craftsmen of a utopian world in the most literal of senses ("having no known location; existing nowhere"). These aerial rocks equally constitute worlds of their own, as uprooted illusions of their place of origin. Such singular and complex fictions introduce narrative, and often allegorical scenes. They also provide us with sources for real reflection upon the brevity and fragility of life. 


Baptiste Lanaspeze est éditeur et directeur des éditions Wildproject 

What happened? 

Frozen in unsettling stillness, fossilized in their funnels of earth, almost identical but always remarkable, La Fratrie’s islands stop us in our tracks and repeat themselves like an obsessive code. In stark contrast with their surrounding landscape, in which a sense of vitality and elusive movement is found compressed, their fixity there within appears as an act of violence. 

Escape from their spell requires an examination of the evidence, which is exactly what La Fratrie’s islands do. They show the traces: of the little nothings that have changed everything, of a balance that has been broken, of something insignificant that concerns us intimately… the testimony to a daily shipwreck. 

But wait, there is nothing tragic in this, at worst a sense of the absurd. We find ourselves in the realm of dreams, where it may be dangerous but not deadly. These miniature lands revive the childish wonderment that always evokes, God only knows why, little worlds. 

In this strange phenomenon, in which our senses seem heightened, more aware of both themselves and their powers, we are just as likely to observe a giant blade of grass as a bonsai, the play of scale always a delight to the senses. 

As Leibniz subtly states, each level of being forms a mini-world, bringing with it its own singular perception of the universe, much like a convex mirror. La Fratrie’s microcosms, distinct, impeccable, and tripped up by their signification, float between sky and Earth in a sort of purgatory.

Selected solo exhbitions 


 « Our Common Future », School Gallery Paris, France


 Carte  blanche « Mare Nostrum : identités méditerranéennes » Fondation Villa Datris, Espace Monte Cristo, Paris Art Paris, France


 « I used to be a trader but i’am ok now » Ambacher Contemporary Gallery, Munich, Germany

« Voices from… » School Gallery Olivier Castaing, Paris ART


 Solo show BEIRUT ART FAIR, Lebanon

« there is no planet B » Domaine Deuleuze-Rochetin, Uzès, France


« Von hier aus » Ambacher Contemporary Gallery, Munich, Germany

« Comme des pierres jetés dans le vide » Montparnasse Museum, curated by Jean Digne & David Wizmane Gallery, Paris, France


 « Hard to leave this shitty paradise » Nuke Gallery, Paris, France

« Hold on » Cut-log Art fair, David Wizmane Gallery, Paris, France


« We meet by accident » Valentine de Badereau Gallery & Nuke Gallery, St Barthelemy

« The invisible end » David Wizmane Gallery,


Villa UGC «everything is about to change», Enrico Navarra, Nuke Gallery & UGC, Cannes Festival, France


« Doing strange things in the name of art », David Wizmane Gallery, Paris

« What Remains », Nuke Gallery, Paris, France

« Gold Digger » (solo show), Suty Gallery, Coye-la-Forêst, France


« The Logic of French Riviera », Les Jumeaux, Ramatuelle, France

« Tell the truth and run », Nuke gallery, Konschthaus beim Engel, Luxembourg


« Weak Show » Lacen Gallery, Paris, France

« Who will cast the first stone » Nuke Gallery, Paris, France



Selected group exhbitions 


Rarity Gallery, Rarity Summer Contemporary Exhibtion 2021, Mykonos 


School Gallery, Grand Palais, Paris

Group Show Galleria Forni, Milano, Italy

« Mare Nostrum : identités méditerranéennes », Fondation Villa Datris, l’Isle-sur-laSorgue

ARTE FIERA Art fair Galleria Forni, bologna


Fondation FERNET-BRANCA, Collection David H BROLLIET (collective show) Saint-louis, France

Fondation DATRIS, (collective show) Isle-sur-lasorgue, France

ART KARLSRUHE International Fair Galleria Forni. Karlsruhe, Germany

ARTE FIERA Art fair Galleria Forni, Bolonia, Italy

Group show, School Gallery / Olivier Castaing, Paris, France


OFF Art Brussels, School Gallery / Olivier Castaing, Bruxelles, Belgium

ART BASEL DESIGN MIAMI, Philippe Gravier Gallery, Basel,  Switzerland 

Villa UGC , Enrico Navarra gallery & UGC, Festival de Cannes

Parcours Saint-Germain, by Pierre Marcolini, Paris


ART BASEL DESIGN MIAMI Galerie Philippe Gravier, Basel, Switzerland

Villa UGC , Enrico Navarra gallery & UGC, Cannes Festival, France

La Nuit de L’ICART, Paris, France


Musée de la Vieille Charité, « Art Fiction, de la ville aux étoiles », Marseille, France

ST’ART Art Fair Strasbourg, France Espace

Motor Village,  Rond-Point des Champs Elysées, Paris 


Centre Pompidou Metz, La semaine du goût, Metz, France


Escalader le ciel sans échelle, David Wizmane Gallery,

Parcours Saint-Germain n°10, partenariat FIAC curated by AnnePierre d'Albis-Ganem

Salon Maison & Objets, Selection of l'Eclaireur, Paris, France. Collective Show,


Génération Polluée, Nuke Gallery, Paris, France

Scope Art Fair Basel 11, Artaban Gallery, Basel Switzerland

Art Paris Art Fair 11 Enrico Navarra Gallery, Paris, France.


Archichaos, curated by Julia Van Hagen - ArtStanding, Rove Project, London, UK

Summer Trees, Analix Forever, Genève, Switzerland

Even Now you can dream, Artaban Gallery, Paris, France

Art Paris Art Fair 10 Nuke Gallery, Paris, France


Abu Dhabi Art Fair 09, Enrico Navarra Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Slick art fair 09, Lacen Gallery, Paris, France

Heart breakers, OFR gallery, Paris, France


Christmas Show, Lacen Gallery, Paris, France

Art Paris Abu Dhabi 08, Enrico Navarra Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Slick Art Fair 08, Lacen Gallery, Paris, France

Scope Art Fair London 08, Lacen Gallery, London, UK


On the Road, Pierre André Benoit Museum, Alès, France

Arménie mon ami, Artcore Gallery, Paris, France


All the art I can fit in my roller-skate case, The Living Room Gallery, Manilla, Philippines

L'art oseur, art osé (collective show) Institut Supérieur des Carrières artistiques, Paris, France




Fondation Datris, Paris, France 

BNP Paribas, Bruxelles 

Collection David Brolliet, Genève, Suisse 

Collection, Enrico Navarra, Le Muy, France 

Collection Philippe Gravier, Saint-Cyr-en-Arthies, France  

Collection, Ariane et Benjamin de Rotschild, Pregny-Chambésy, Suisse 

Henry Georges Muller, Paris, France 

Collection, Ora Itao, Paris 

Collection, Hugues et Marie Taitinger, Bruxelles 

 Collection, Brandolini d’Adda, Mexico 

 Collection, Isabelle Stanislas Paris 

Collection, Philippe Dian, Paris 


IMG_2517 (2).jpeg

“ Hard to leave this shitty paradise”

Plaster, resin, cardboard, steel, acrylic painting, coper, wood 

60L x 50h x 20w cm


“ If this is reality, i’m not interested “

Plaster, resin, cardboard, steel, acrylic painting, coper, wood 

50 diameter x 25w cm

IMG_8236 (2).jpeg

“ Sex dreams about platonic friends”

Plaster, resin, cardboard, steel, acrylic painting, coper, wood 

37L x 52h x 21w cm

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