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Marcus Levine

2013/2014 3rd November – 9th January Exhibiting at Gallery 32, Harrogate,

            North Yorkshire

2013   I have been invited by Leeds City Council to exhibit three Sensory sculptures as part of             Light Night in Trinity Leeds shopping centre in October

2013   Exhibiting my monumental Sculpture Hung Out to Dry in Lister Park,                                             Bradford and my Oak Sensory sculpture at the University of Bradford

2013   Solo Exhibition at Gallery 27 Cork Street from October 28th-2nd of November

2013   July/August Solo Pop up Art Exhibition in Ilkley West Yorkshire

2013   18th April- 12th May Exhibited at the Bingley Gallery

2013   March Exhibited JA Festival in Leeds and appeared on ITV’s Calendar News2013 Cork               Street Winter Open

2012   Exhibited at the Lancaster Hotel for one night for the Variety Club of Great                                 Britain’s charity Stag night where I was invited to donate a sculpture as part of the                   fund raising.

2012   Grand unveiling of Commissioned sculpture of Hygeia Goddess of Health                                   and Beauty at the Warfedale Ball in front of 750 guests.2012 I have been invited                       to continue to exhibit my monumental sculpture in Lister Park, Bradford.

2012   Exhibited at the World Heritage site of Saltaire in the United Reformed                                         Church where I exhibited Hand of the Carpenter for six months.

2012   Exhibited at Lapicida in Knaresborough, a continuing exhibition of changing work.

2011   Exhibited two monumental Sculptures in the Light shopping mall as part of                                 Leeds Light Night and stayed for a month, combined with a Sponsors dinner at                         Brassiere Blanc’s where I exhibited a Whisky sculpture in the restaurant and a third                   location at Bang & Olfsen’s upstairs showroom where I exhibited for 3 months.

2011   Exhibited a monumental 3.3m high solid Oak sensory sculpture                                                     commissioned by the British Science Festival. I was also invited to give a talk about my             work as part of the festival. Located at the University of Bradford.

2011   Exhibited in the grounds of Cartwright Hall as part of Sculpture in the Park.

2011   Exhibited at Cartwright Hall Bradford Civic Art Gallery for six months in gallery 5

2011   Exhibited at Harvey Nichols 4th Floor Café and restaurant

2010   Exhibited at The Air Gallery, Dover Street solo exhibition

2010   Exhibited at the Finite Gallery summer show, Spring Show

2009   Exhibited at Gallery 27 Cork street solo exhibition

2009   Exhibited at the Finite Gallery autumn show, summer show, Spring show

2008   Opened my own gallery (The Finite Gallery) in Leeds and exhibited for                                         the first time2007 Exhibited at the Radisson SAS Hotel as part of Leeds Light night                     first solo exhibitionWorked Part time as an artist and in the family business

1988-2009  During this period my artistic focus was on Acrylic portraits, watercolour                             landscapes, and photography.


In 2007 I did my first solo exhibition and by 2009 I went fully time into my artistic practise.Working as a TV Designer for Harlec Television Bristol (HTV) 1987-88I was responsible for teaching myself how to use the newly arrived Quantel Paintbox, to create exciting and new digital graphics for the News desk, Elections, breakfast TV, along with creating title sequences for new programs. The Quantel paintbox has recently been famously used for creating the animation sequences for the Avatar motion picture.






STG BA(Hons) Art degree course, Falmouth University 1983-87A four year Arts degree course with work experience in the third year, I found a place with HTV Bristol and was later offered a full time job on my return after finishing my degree in 1987Fine Art diploma, Jacob Kramer college of Art, Leeds 1982 I studied along side Damien Hirst, other Alumni included David Hockney



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