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Michael Van Dam

Michael Van Dam is a Queensland based artist and welder known for creating extremely strong and durable sculptures from marine grade (316) stainless steel chain .

His work is often sea or marine-life themed, which are attributed to his life-long love of being in and around water.

His sculptures, which take hundreds of hours to be created, are well equipped to face the rigours outdoor display, particularly in coastal environments. Many of Van Dam’s works can be found at marinas and other public spaces across Australia, including Sydney Harbour.

In 2010 Van Dam created his first Sculpture using 4mm stainless steel chain. "Breaching Whale" is 270cm high and 350cm long and weighs approximately 450kg. 

In 2013 Van Dam entered his first Sculpture exhibition. The Swell Sculpture Festival is held every year on the Gold Coast at  Currumbin Beach. Van Dam’s piece titled 'Degrees of Separation' won the Emerging Artist award and the Artist Peer award. He also entered in 2014 with a piece titled 'Intervention' where he won the Max Fabre Environmental Awareness award. 


In 2014 Van Dam also exhibited in Sculpture at Sawmillers and Sculpture By The Sea, both in Sydney.


In 2015 Van Dam was commissioned three pieces for Hayman islands ‘One and Only’ resort due for completion in September of that year. Van Dam has also been accepted for Sculpture by the Sea 2015 and Swell Sculpture Festival 2015. 



A01 (2).jpg

                        Stainless Steel Chain  sculpture

          150cm Base Diameter x 322h

                                    One of 

Stainless Steel Chain
85h x 65cm

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