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Miguel Delie
b. 1983, Belgium

Art Academy in Bruges


‘I adore trivial things,’ Delie says of his work. ‘Banality and consumerism have become the norm, and as an artist I embrace that.’ Delie characterizes his work as an exploration of dreams and impossible expectations. He is out to create illusions, memories stripped of their complexity to become expressions of joy, so allowing people to escape the worries of daily life by fleeing into a carefree past. But at the same time his work challenges us to reflect on these illusions and why we might need them.

His colourful assemblages of found objects are painstakingly assembled, a perfectly ordered construct belying the apparent chaos of colour and material. ‘It seems an abstract mass of dumped stuff, but the closer you get, the more the story comes to life,’ Delie says.

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