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Nemo Jantzen

In my new body of work I go beyond telling a one image story and depicting a voyeristic look into another world(s) and reality. With large scale images built up out of hundreds of small image; stories incapsulated in glass spheres the work simply keeps repeating to the viewers “The closer you look, the less you see.”


GEM Museum , Netherland

Museum POPA, Switzerland

Museum Diocesa, Spain



Flash Art

Art & Décor


Art Republik

Modern Luxury




2017  Rarity Gallery, Mykonos
           LA Art show, U.S, K+Y gallery,

           Solo show, Gstaad Switzerland, Bel Air gallery

2016  Art Miami, Wanrooij gallery, U.S

           Art Beirut, Bel-Air Fine Art gallery

           Group show, Bel Air gallery, St. Tropez

           Art Southampton, K+Y Gallery

           Art Hamptons, K+Y Gallery

           Solo show, Artima Gallery, Paris

           Art Miami/New York, Wanrooij Gallery

           Gallery show Cube Gallery, London

           Solo show, Ode To Art, Singapore

           Art Stage Singapore, Mark Hachem Gallery 

           Art Silicon Valley, Wanrooij gallery

           LA Art Show, K+Y Gallery

2015   Scope Miami, K+Y Gallery

            Art Jakarta, Ode To Art, Singapore

            Art Expo Malaysia, ODA Gallery Kuala Lumpur

            Art Toronto, Mark Hachem gallery

            Scope Basel, Switzerland, Artered gallery

            Sofa Chicago, Mark Hachem gallery

            Art Hamptons, New York, K+Y gallery

            Art Southampton, New York, Cube gallery

            Duo show, K+Y Gallery, Paris, France

            Art Wynwood, Miami, Wanrooij gallery

            Art London, UK, Cube gallery

            LA Art Show, Los Angeles US, K+Y Gallery

            Art Stage, Singapore, Mark Hachem gallery

2014   HK Artfair Hong Kong, Artered gallery

            Art Hamptons, New York,, Villa del Arte galleries

            London Art, Woolff gallery, London UK

            Artered gallery, New York, US

            Context Miami, Florida, Villa del Arte galleries

            Scope Basel, Artered gallery

            Art stage, Singapore

            Envie d’Art Paris, France

            De Galerie, Den Haag, Holland

2013   Marc Hachem, Paris, France

            Scope Basel, Switzerland 

            Artered Gallery, NY  

            Art Hamptons, NY, US

            Art London, UK

            Context, Art Miami, US

            Houston Fine Art Fair, Artered 

            LA Art show, Los Angeles 

2012   Art Toronto, Canada

            London Art, UK, , Artered gallery

2011   Art Chicago, Artered, Chicago 

            Art Hamptons, New York, US

            Artered project, Wynwood Miami.

            Villa del Arte galleries, Barcelona

            AAF Amsterdam, Holland, 

2010   Line art, Gent, Belgium,

            ARTI08 The Hague, Holland 

            BuyArt Fair, Manchester England 

            Newcastle Gateshead, England 

            GEAF, Gooi en Emland Artfair

2009   Konstmässen, Stockholm, Sweden 

            Open Art fair Utrecht, Holland 

            Northern Art fair, Harrowgate, England 

            Galerie Giardino, Berg en Terblijt, Holland 

2008   ArtNime, Nimes, France 

            Salzburg World fine Art fair, Austria 

            Galeria Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 

            Glasgow Art fair, Scotland 

2006:  Villa del Arte galleries, Barcelona, Spain 

            Galerie Giardino, Berg en Terblijt, Holland 

            London Art, London, England

 2005  So-Hyun Gallery, New York, U.S 

            IAF (Inspired Art Fair), London, England 



"All That Jazz"

Photomontage in Resin spheres on resin covered wood 

116 x 122 cm


"Fashion Victim"

Photomontage in Resin spheres on resin covered wood 

116 x 122 cm



Photomontage in Resin spheres on resin covered wood 

100 x 166 cm


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