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Nikos Floros
b. 1978



École des Beaux Arts - Sculpture, Paris

Floros’s naturalistic portraits usually depict a single  iconic legendary personality, showing the head, or head and upper chest, viewed frontally, with reference to the deeper philosophical and artistic inspiration of the Fayum portaits, emphasising the gaze with the aim of expressing the soul and spiritual power of the depicted person.

In terms of artistic tradition, the images clearly derive more from Greco-Roman artistic traditions.


Nikos Floros's recycled art, from aluminum cans provides a new purpose for objects that have satisfied their original use. Using these objects in artwork conserves resources and reduces the amount going to landfill. In addition, recycle art promotes an important message.

Irrespective of the particular theme or environmental issue that a sophisticated artwork might address (of which there can be many) and underlying the simple act of using materials for the second or third time, is a strong message that highlights the urgent need for increased awareness and behavioral change on an individual level in the way that we relate to the world we live in. The repurposing of everyday objects for artistic reasons started with Pablo Picasso who used everyday objects or pictures in collages.

Nikos Floros has received world-wide recognition and awards for his artwork as well as extensive coverage by world-wide press including Reuters, Fashion TV, Reuters, BBC, SkyNews, ABC News, New York Times, Vogue, W, Associated Press, La Republica, International Wall Street Journal, Getty Images, Itar Tass, International ART Forum and many other news and television media around the world.


Public Collections - Exhibitions


Museo El Greco, Toledo, Spain

Ethnographic & Historical Museum (Geographical Society), Lisbon, Portugal

Tsaritsyno State Museum, Moscow, Russia

St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, USA

Consulate of the Hellenic Republic in New York, USA

Hoffburg Palace, Vienna, Austria

Opera House, Bologna, Italy

Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Center (United Arab Emirates)

Düsseldorf Municipality, Germany Republic

Gummersbach Municipality, Germany

Sculpture Museum, Wuppertal, Germany

Walfrieden Sculpture Park, Germany, Wuppertal

Hoffburg Palace, Vienna, Austria

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA

Metropolitan Club, New York, USA

French Heritage Society

Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus, New York, USA

Benaki Museum, Athens

Historical Museum of Aegina

Vienna Opera House, Austria     

Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

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