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Patrick Hughes

“The Perceptual Paradoxes of Patrick Hughes”

by Anna Furman

Through his strikingly illusionistic paintings, British artist Patrick Hughes takes viewers into New York City apartments lined with Pop Art, picturesque Venetian canals, and famous museums like MoMA and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

These meticulous, realist paintings on constructed board forms remind us that vision is a skill that can be sharpened and honed. Hughes explores the nature of visual perception by way of optical illusion.

Hughes’s aesthetic is consistent with a variety of art-historical styles, from Pop to surrealism, but it belongs to no one category exclusively. In creating illusory senses of space, he shares as much common ground with M.C. Escher as with Salvador Dalí (“As a surrealist sympathiser, I have no faith in realism, or indeed in reality,” the artist once stated).

And with regard to René Magritte, another clear antecedent, Hughes has explained that “he knew how to get behind the surface of things, with a hundred strategies and witty discombobulations. I don’t particularly like what Magritte’s paintings look like, I like what they think.”

Hughes’s technique is paradoxical, depicting scenes so as to create the reverse perspective of his surfaces’ physical positions in space. He calls this visual trick “reverspective”.  Using angular boxes to create three-dimensional forms, he challenges his viewers’ preconceptions about depth.

His artworks are in public, private, and corporate collections across the world including among others Tate, Victoria & Albert Museum, Manchester City Art Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Goldman Sachs International and The British Council.





"Sentry boxes"
Oil on board construction
Framed: 66,8h x 139w x 15d cm



Oil on board construction
Framed: 49h x 56w x 12d cm



"Robotic AP 2/2"
Oil and photographic collage on board construction
Framed: 55h x 58w x 12d cm


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Video & DVD 
Reverspective, Jake Auerbach & Michael Houldey, 1997 


“Riflessi sulla Laguna”

Oil and photographic collage on board construction

Edition 5 of 5, 2019

98h x 126w x 19d cm


Oil and photographic collage on board construction

Edition 4 of 5, 2019

60h x 117w x 17d cm

           'Brickolage”, 2019

           Oil on board construction


            68.5h x 85w x 18.5d cm

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