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Pedro Rodríguez Garrido

The main topic of my work is the urban landscape. They have a special Importance the treatment of the light and of the textures. It is a question of opened compositions, already be streets of cities as New York, Madrid, Chicago, London or panoramic views.

I use a plastic language where both support and materials are diverse.The spot, the expressive part, the graphics are an essential part of my work that combines figuration and abstraction.



1998   Academy of Fine Arts, University of Seville



2017   Caja Rural  Foundation.Seville

2015   Adam Gallery.London

            Adam Gallery.Bath

2014   Gallery Backlund. Göteborg. Sweden. 2014

2013   Adam Gallery. Bath. UK. 2013

2013   Adam Gallery. London. UK. 2013

            Espacio 36 Gallery. Zamora. 2013 

2012   Puchol Gallery. Valencia. 2012

2011   Haurie Gallery. Sevilla. 2011

2010   Sánchez y Juan Gallery. Elche. 2010 

            Triart Gallery. Vigo. 2010

2008   Ángeles Penche Gallery. Madrid. 2008

            Haurie Gallery. Sevilla. 2008

2007   Puchol Gallery. Valencia. 2007 

2006   Ángeles Penche Gallery . Madrid. 2006

2005   Puchol Gallery. Valencia. 2005

2004   Euroarte Gallery. Lisboa. Portugal. 2004

2003   Laberinto Gallery. Granada. 2003

            Hon. Ateneo. Seville. 2003

'01-'11Rural Fundation. Huelva (every two years)   

1999   Bocetto Gallery. Granada. 1999

1998   Foundation  El Monte. Huelva. 1998



2017   London Art Fair.UK

2016   London Art Fair.UK.2016

            Adam Gallery,UK

           Galleri Backlund.Göteborg.Sweden

           Galleri Tornby.Bindslev.Denmark

2015  Affordable Art Fair Stockholm.Suecia

2015  London Art Fair. UK

2015  Galleri Backlund.Göteborg.Sweden

2014  Affordable Art Fair. London. UK

           Olympia International Art and Antiques Fair.London.UK.2014

           Adam Gallery. Bath. UK

           Adam Gallery. London. UK

           Dominate The Horizon. Principle Gallery. Alexandria. Virginia. EE.UU 

           London Art Fair. UK

           Affordable Art Fair. Brussels. Belgica

           El Conquero.Casa Colón.Huelva

2013  Affordable art Fair. Battersea. London. UK

           Art Moscow. Rusia. 2013

           Arco Madrid

           Museum of Huelva. Exhibition project Arco 

           Artima Gallery. Paris. Francia

2012  Moscow world Fine Art Fair. Rusia. 2012

           Caution! Not a Photo. Lazarev Gallery. St. Petersburg. Rusia

           Streets. Principle Gallery. Alexandria. Virginia. EE.UU.

           Gallery Octógono. Avilés

2011  Gallery Octógono. Avilés

2010   III Certamen Nacional de pintura Ciudad de Badajoz

            XXIV National Painting Competition Emilio Ollero. Jaén

            VI International Painting Prize Julio Quesada. Crevillent. Alicante

2009   Ángeles Penche Gallery.Madrid

            Ágora 3 Gallery. Sitges. Barcelona

            Puchol Gallery. Valencia.2007,  2008 y 2009

2008   Art Window Gallery. Barcelona. 2008

            Triart Gallery. Vigo

2007   Puchol Gallery. Valencia.

2006   Young values of contemporary painting. Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón

2005   Young values of contemporary painting. Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón

            Fair Artesevilla. Sevilla

2004   South Atlantic Europe Huelva traveling exhibition. Bruselas. Estrasburgo. 2004

2003   Haurie Gallery. Sevilla. 2002 y 2003

2002   30x30. Laberinto Gallery. Granada. 2002

2001   ARTEXPO. Barcelona Art Fair. 2001

1999   National Fine Arts Competition Hon. Ateneo. Sevilla. 

            XIII National Painting Competition Salón de Otoño. Huelva

1998   National Fine Arts Competition Hon. Ateneo. Sevilla.
            XIII National Painting Competition Salón de Otoño. Huelva

            II National Painting Competition“Toresma II”. Madrid

            National Painting Competition Ciudad de Castellón

1997   XVPenagos Prize Drawing. Fundación Cutural MAPFRE VIDA. Madrid

            III National Painting Competition. Fundación de los Agentes comerciales. Madrid



2015   Prize acquisition in the XIV and Cultural  Contest Virgen de las Viñas.Tomelloso.
            Ciudad Real.

2014   Prize acquisition in the XIII and Cultural  Contest Virgen de las Viñas.Tomelloso.
            Ciudad Real.

2012   Prize acquisition in the XI and Cultural  Contest Virgen de las Viñas.Tomelloso.
            Ciudad Real.

2009   Prize acquisition in the VIII and Cultural  Contest Virgen de las Viñas.Tomelloso.
            Ciudad Real.

2003   Honorable Mention. 46 National Painting Competition.Ayamonte

2001   First prize. 44 National Painting Competition.Ayamonte

            Honorable Mention. XV painting Autumn Salon.Huelva

2000   First prize.National Fine Arts Competition Hon. Ateneo de Sevilla

            First prize. VI  National Contest of Painting.La Palma del Condado. Huelva

            First prize. XIII National painting competition Valverde del Camino. Huelva

            First prize. II National Painting Contest Artejoven 2000. Huelva

            First prize. XLIX National Painting Competition. Gibraleón. Huelva

            Accesit. 43 National exhibition of painting. Ayamonte. Huelva

1999   Honorable Mention. XII National Painting CompetitionValverde del Camino. Huelva

1998   Honorable Mention.  XI National Painting Competition Valverde del camino. Huelva

1996   First prize. National Painting Contest La Palma del Condado. Huelva

"Thames River"

180 x 150 cm

Oil on wooden panel


123 x 123 cm

Oil on canvas

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