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Roni Stretch

Roni Stretch was born in England in 1964. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. His work has been shown extensively in America since the 1990’s, including shows at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Geffen Contemporary Museum, the Westmont Museum of Art in Santa Barbara, the Santa Monica Museum of Art and the Cooperstown Museum in New York.

“My first response to Roni Stretch’s paintings was how extraordinarily exquisite and how original. I know of nothing quite like them in the history of modern, let alone traditional art - an ingenious, convincing integration of color field painting, minimalist structure, and photorealist portraiture,” writes Donald Kuspit. The New York-based art critic and author of numerous books, including the controversial “The End of Art.” also remarks that “Stretch’s paintings are subtle, eloquent masterpieces, carrying forward the tradition of pure painting while acknowledging the inevitability of human presence and vision.”

Stretch remains one of the most sophisticated painters of his generation. He has pioneered a unique Dichromatic Process, exploring photorealistic under-paintings that emerge ghost-like from a void of color. His Dichromatic oil paintings are meticulously created by executing a layering process where by two different colors are alternately applied and built up over many weeks. The subjects play against a sharply lined border intended to ground each painting in the physical and force a visual meditation. The image is not so much painted over as optically embedded within the multiple layers of the alternating colors. Stretch’s work is a lesson in contradictions: photorealism and abstraction, light and dark, reality and altered states, smooth and rough textures all ultimately leading to an emotional experience.

Stretch’s works are held in numerous prestigious private, corporate and museum collections worldwide. He has recently been included in the permanent collections of the Pasadena Museum of California Art, the Museum of California Design, the Cooperstown Museum in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego.

The Hollywood community has also embraced Stretch’s works, recently Hugh Hefner personally commissioned Stretch to paint his portrait, a very rare occasion to depict such an iconic figure. Oscar winning film director Oliver Stone, actors Jeremy Piven, Robert Downey Jr, Mickey Rourke, stars of sport, television and music including ex-England football captain David Platt, world champion boxer Amir Khan, legendary producer Dick Clark, actresses Roselyn Sanchez and Daisy Fuentes, singers Brian McKnight, Luther Vandross and Matt Goss, Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin, supermodel and actress Jaime King and Talissa Soto, Tesla owner Elon Musk, media magnate Sumner Redstone and Hedge fund billionaire Warren Litchenstein are all collectors and

fans of Stretch’s works to name but a few.

Philanthropically, Stretch has raised thousands of dollars for the Venice Family Clinic, Aids Research Alliance, The Magic Johnson Foundation, The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and The Make A Wish Foundation.

Stretch will also be having his first solo museum show in the fall of 2015 at the MOAH, Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, California




Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA

Museum of California Design, Los Angeles, CA

Museum of Design, Art and Architecture, Culver City, Los Angeles, CA

Cooperstown Museum and National Baseball Hall of Fame, New York.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena, CA

Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

Westmont Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA

The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA



An Olive Branch Media, Los Angeles, CA

Apira Science lnc, Irvine, CA

Asean Media Group, Hong Kong

Associates Purchasing, Santa Monica, CA

Blue Cross / Blue Shield Corporate HQ, New York

Bowland Group, Port Hueneme, CA

Bully Pictures, Santa Monica, CA

Cadenas Living Wall, Ventura, CA

California Plaza, South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Celebrity Publicity Ltd, London, England

Celebrity Pictures Ltd, London, England

Chocolate Furniture, Chester, UK

City Publicity, Los Angeles, CA

Cooley LLP, Washington, DC.

Custom Iron Design, Simi Valley, CA

Degroff Collection, Quartz Hill, CA

Dick Clark Collection, Burbank, CA

Earth Residential. London, England

EEP UK ltd, London, England

Flowers and Friends, San Clemente, CA

Four Seasons Collection, Washington, DC

Hart Enterprises, North Yorkshire, England

Iron Design Inc, Simi Valley, CA

Magic Johnson Pediatic Aids Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Make - A -Wish Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Martha Moose Design Group, Los Angeles

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design, Los Angeles, CA

Massive Pictures Ltd, London, England

Mattie Luxe, Los Angeles, CA

Mid Century LA, Los Angeles, CA

Music Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA

Old Boot Sofas Ltd, Chester, England

Oiestad Associates, Los Angeles, CA

Pallas Management Group, Valley Village, CA

Paloma Westwood Hotel, Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

Peake Pr Group, Santa Monica, CA

Playboy Enterprises, Beverly Hills, CA

Plume Family Collection, Sherman Oaks, CA

RH Collection, New York, NY

Richard Weisman Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA

Rotten & Savage, Los Angeles, CA

Soleido HQ, Paris, France

Sol Lueshing Ltd. London, England

Sunrise Children’s Hospital, Las Vegas, NV

Southern Cross Healthcare Corporate HQ, London, England

Susan G.Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Swarthghyll Farm Activity Center, North Yorkshire, England

Team Downey, Venice, CA

The Fair Group, Los Angeles, CA

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Corporate HQ, Los Angeles, CA

Wellington Productions, Los Angeles, CA

Williams Entertainment Corporate HQ, London, England

Wilmer Hale, Boston, MA

Wilmer Hale, New York, NY




2015   MOAH, Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA

2013   Lamp Black, Titanium White, Scott White Gallery, La Jolla, CA.

2012   Recent Works, Canvas Gallery, Malibu CA.

2011   New Dichromatic Paintings, Weber Fine Art,Greenwich, Connecticut.

2010   Black & White, Chryssanthou Art & Design, West Hollywood, CA.

            Push and Pulled. The Edge Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

2008   Veronica’s Napkin. Deborah Page Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

            Dichromatic Paintings, Canvas, Malibu CA.

2007   Dichromatic Portraits, Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, ID.

2006   Brandenburg- Titanium White, Lamp Black, Peyton Right Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

2005   Dichromatic Portraits, Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, CA.

2004   Thin Ice, Titanium White. Gallery C @ Bvlgari, Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills CA.

2004   Dichromatic Paintings & Photographs, Off Main-Media Rare Gallery in conjunction

            with Steve Michel Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA.

2003   The Wiesman Collection - Paintings from the early 90’s, Bliss, Beverly Hills, CA.

2001   Recent Paintings, Steve Michel Gallery, New York, NY.

1998   Faces & Figures, Simon Schade Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1998   California Painting, Enclave Gallery, Venice, CA.

1997   New Works, International Art Gallery, Orange County, CA.




2013   Cooperstown Museum, New York.

            Winter Salon – Roberta Moore / Mead Carney, Lloyds Club, London, UK

            Art Miami, Miami, Scott White Gallery, La Jolla, CA

            Roberta Moore at Mead Carney Gallery, London, UK.

            Art Southampton, Scott White Gallery. La Jolla, CA.

            Los Angeles Annual Benefit Auction, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA.

2012   Art Miami, Miami, Scott White Gallery, La Jolla, CA.

            “Rapture” The Parabola Arts Center, Cheltenham, England, UK.

            Roberta Moore Gallery, Summer Group Show,

            Scott White Gallery, Group Show, La Jolla, CA.

            “Incognito” Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica CA.

2011   '5x5 invitational” Westmont Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA.

            “Incognito” Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA.

            Roberta Moore in association with Lisa Mackenzie Art,

            MOMAC, Organic stone, The Canalside, Gloucester Quays, England, UK.

2010   “Incognito” Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA.

2009   The Edge Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2008   Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, ID

2007   Summer Group Show, Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, ID

2006   “Retrospective/Prospective” Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, ID

2005   Los Angeles County Museum of Art. AR&S, Leo S. Bing Center, Los Angeles, CA

            “New Old Masters,” curated by Donald Kuspit, Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, CA

            “Fresh” Museum of Contemporary Art, Geffen Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

            “Inter Acts”, Inter Gallery, Piazza Diaz 6, Milan, Italy

2004   “Nine” Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, CA




"Roma 33 Napthol crimson, merlot"

 Oil on canvas

138 x 183 cm (54.3 x 72 in)

"Roma white no. 186"

Oil on canvas 

138 x 163 cm (54.3 x 64.2 in)

"Roma white no. 181"

Oil on canvas

122 x 183 cm (48 x 72 in)

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