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Russell Young

British-American Pop artist, Russell Young is best known for compelling, larger-than-life silkscreen paintings appropriated from recent history and popular culture. Alluding to the great Pop artists of past and present, he reinvents bold, sometimes brutal imagery turned upon itself in alienation and entrapment while bearing witness to the ambition and glamorous excesses of 21st-century America.


Russell Young looks past the darker side of excess and sets his sights on pure stardom with a cast of characters instantly recognizable for their embodiment of American fame. A wall of heroes and a wall of heroines immortalize icons and the nature of longing with the artist’s signature, luxurious use of diamond dust. This collection of stars is not only an ode to beauty, success, and possibility, but also the unending search to grasp the American Dream.


Public Collections

Albertina Museum, Vienna

Carlo Ancelotti, Madrid

Jennifer Aniston, Los Angeles

Kate Beckinsale, Los Angeles

Te Benetton Foundation, Treviso, Italy

David Bowie, New York

The Core Club, New York

Cornell Art Museum, Florida

Beth DeWoody, New York

Drake, Hidden Hills, California

Kirsten Dunst, Los Angeles

The Getty Collection, Los Angeles

Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas

Laurence Graff, New York

David Hockney, Los Angeles

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul

Marc Jacobs, New York

Kris Jenner, Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie, Los Angeles

Khloe Kardashian, Los Angeles

Floyd Mayweather, Las Vegas

The Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina

Mohammed VI of Morocco, Rabat

The Estate of Marilyn Monroe, New York

Kate Moss, London

Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Elon Musk, Los Angeles

Mark Zuckerberg, Palo Alto

Sharon Osbourne, Los Angeles

John Paulson, New York


Museum Exhibitions

2019 Art Couture: The Intersection of Art and Fashion, Cornell Art Museum, Florida

2018 Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2018 Superstar, Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

2015 Forever Young: A Retrospective, Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, Florida

2012 A Retrospective, Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, Texas




Chester Art College

Exeter College of Art and Design


Art Fairs

2019 Art Miami, Miami

2019 SCOPE, Miami

2019 CONTEXT Art Miami, Miami

2019 Toronto Art Fair, Toronto

2019 Hampton’s Art Fair, New York

2019 Texas Contemporary, Houston

2018 Palm Beach Art Fair, Palm Beach

2018 Art Miami, Miami

2018 Reveal Art Fair, Saratoga

2017 Art Miami, Miami

2017 SCOPE, Miami

2016 Art Miami, Miami

2016 SCOPE, Miami

2015 SCOPE Miami, Florida

2015 Masterpiece, London

2015 Art Miami New York

2015 Spring Masters New York

2014 SCOPE Miami, Florida

2014 CONTEXT Art Miami, Florida

2014 Art Southampton, New York

2014 Masterpiece, London

2014 Art Monaco

2014 Art Wynwood, Miami, Florida

2013 Masterpiece, London

2013 Art Basel, Switzerland

2012 Art Basel Miami, Florida

2012 Art KYIV Contemporary, Kiev, Ukraine

2012 The San Francisco Fine Art Fair, California

2011 SCOPE Miami, Florida

2011 Art Toronto, Canada

2011 Moniker Art Fair, London

2011 LA Art Show, Los Angeles, California

2011 Art Stage Singapore

2010 Art Basel Miami, Florida

2010 Art Chicago, Illinois

2009 Fountain Art Fair, Miami

2009 The London Original Print Fair, Te Royal Academy of Arts, London

2009 Cologne Art Fair, Germany

2008 SCOPE Miami, Florida

2007 Art Basel Miami, Florida

2007 SCOPE Basel, Switzerland

2006 Art Basel Miami, Florida

Copy of 852+2057.jpg

''Marilyn Crying''

enamel and diamond dust

screen print on linen fury blue

178h x 140w cm

Copy of 879+2193.jpg

"Elizabeth Taylor”

Enamel and diamond dust screen print on linen, storm pink and black series

178 x 140 cm

Copy of 1039+2573.jpg

"Magnificent Seven”

Enamel and heavy diamond dust screen print on linen, love blue series

96,5 x 158 cm

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