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Seon Tae Hwang

2006  Postgraduate studies in Glass Art Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design, Halle, Germany

2004  Studies in Glass Art and Skulptur (Prof. A. Köker and Prof. C. Triebsch), Burg Giebichenstein(Diploma)

1997  College of Fine Arts, Kyunghee University(B.F.A)



2014    sunlight, shine artists gallery, London

2013    Transparent, Pyo gallery, Seoul

2011    Familiar Unfamiliar, Gallery Lee & Bae, Pusan

 Line and Light-The shadow of the essence & The trap of the sense, Dr.Park gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea

The sunny room, white8 gallery, Villach, Austria

2010    Freezed story, Dr.Park Gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea

         Frozen History, White8 Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2009    Seontae Hwang-solo exhibition Dr.Park Gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea

         Things Seeing, Shinsegae Gallery, Kwangju, Korea

2008    Fragile eternity, Gallery66, Eckernförde, Germany

2007    Glass books, white8 Gallery, Villach, Austria

         Glass books-Installation, showroom in hause of artists of Schleswig-Holstein, Eckernförde, Germany

2006    Stipendiaten Art,  Johann-Friedrich-Danneil-Museum, Salzwedel, Germany

         Stuffed words, Weißes Haus- Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany




2015   When Every Day Reveals Itself from Out of the Blue, Gallery White Block, Paju

            RARITY GALLERY, Summer Contemporary, Mykonos, GR

2014  ‘物質magic ilwoo space, Seoul

       ‘Space:Life & Routine’ choi junga gallery, Seoul

       Reminiscencing, gallery form, Pusan

       春夜喜雨, gallery art & summer, Pusan

       With the line drawing space, S Plus gallery, Pusan

2013   Dual exhibition-Seontae hwang, junho song, Pyo gallery, Korea

        Portraits On the Road to..., white8 gallery, Vienna

 Korean Collective, shineartists gallery, London

G.P.S. Art Navigator, gallery purple studio, Namyangju, Korea

Real? Real!, gallery H, Ulsan

2012   Love ist 37.5, Ganaart gallery, Seoul, Korea

        Reality Equals Dream, ion art gallery, Singapore

        Momentary, JangHeung artpark, Yangju

 A Magic Moment, Leonhard Ruethmueller gallery, Basel

 Life In The Realm of Fantasy, vit gallery, Seoul

 Un Lieu De La Memorie, BJN gallery, Seoul

Healing Camp, Ganagallery, Seoul

Wavelength of light, Lina gallery, Seoul

From Cover to Cover, Park Ryu Sook gallery, Seoul,Korea

Autumn- Lost in Meditation, Lotte gallery, An-Yang, Korea

Artist books, Shinsaegae gallery, Korea

Artistic Period, interalia, Seoul, Korea

Revenge of mimesis, Adamas253 gallery, Korea

2011   Korean Collective Basel 2011, Art Center Halle33, Basel, Swiss

       The purpose of life, POMA, Pohang, Korea

       Color series-Black and white, gallery cola, Seoul, Korea

       a cup of rest-a cup of smile, resort Villa32, GaPyeong, Korea

       In Touch With Nature, gallerySP, Seoul, Korea

       The aesthetics of something small, Art-User gallery, Seoul, Korea

       Art in life, Life in art, Sculpture square, Singarpore

       Dream Light 7, MBC Chuncheon R.Mutt1917, Chuncheon, Korea

       Seoul Design Festival- Designer’s Lab, COEX, Seoul,Korea

       Poster!Poster!, Interalia, Seoul,Korea

       YOUNG DYNAMIC CONTEMPORARY, white8 gallery, Vienna, Austria

2010   My private collection, Ganaart Gallery, Seoul,Korea

 experimenting colour and line, white8 gallery, Vienna, Austria

Closing Encounter, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, Korea

       12.Cutting Edge, Seoul Auction, Seoul,Korea

       The book meets with the picture, Kuemsan gallery, Paju, Korea

 Immunity, Zaha museum, Seoul,Korea

 Unfamiliar Time, Familiar Space, Interalia Art Comany, Seoul,Korea

 Artists, who paints the book, Borim art space, Paju, Korea

 Eclaire, Hotel Lotte Exhibiton Hall, Seoul,Korea

2009   CHANGING - International contemporary art, white8 gallery, Villach, Austria

The books, Park Ryu Sook gallery, Seoul,Korea

The still: Logical conversation , gallery Hyundai, Seoul,Korea

Book & painting -Seoul international book fair , Gallery Jinsun, Seoul,Korea

outside-inseide, white8 gallery, Vienna, Austria

       White winter, N Gallery, Seongnam,Korea

       Artists, who paints the book, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul,Korea

2008   on the way -Meldorfer Culturpreis, Neue Hollenderei, Meldorf, Germany

       Kunstausstellung, Kulturtag-Schleswig-Hlstein, gallery 66, Eckernförde, Germany

11th Gwangju Shinsegae Art Competition, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju,Korea

Permanent presentation - International contemporary art - Gallery´s Artists, white8 gallery, Villach, Austria

Things Dancing, Dr. Park gallery, Yang Pyeong, Korea

2007   Drauwing-black on white, frühstücksbühne, Eckernförde, Germany

2006   The future as pictorial vision-artprice Sparkasse, Haus der Sparkasse, Karlsruhe, Germany

       Water, in Künstlerverein Walkmühle e.V., Wiesbaden, Germany

2005  Young Arts, Schlossgartensalon, Merseburg, Germany

       Kunstpreis 2005-Bildhauer als Maler und Zeichner, Haus der Sparkasse, Karlsruhe, Germany

       Young Forever- Löwenhof-Förderpreis, Löwenhof, Kunstforum Löwenhof e.V., Frankfurt/M, Germany

Glassarts, Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim, Germany

Equations, the library of TU, Berlin, Germany

2004   NEUE KUNST IN ALTEN GÄRTEN, Ober- und Untergut von Lenthe, Hannover, Germany

       Glasklasse von Burg Giebichenstein,  Glass museum Alter Hof Herding, Coesfeld-Lette, Germany

2003   In the forest, an Institut for Elementares Formen der TU Braunschweig , Braunschweig, Germany      

The other generation- -5 Pictures over the age, Frankesche Stiftungen, Halle, Germany

2002  Identity - place, relations, memory, body, DGB-Haus and Löwen-Palais, Berlin, Germany

2001   Exhibition of foreign students of Burg Giebichenstein, in the ministry for education and cultural of

Saxonia-Anhalt, Magdeburg, Germany




"Living Room with Sunshine"

 Tempered glass, sandblast,LED


"Living Room with Sunshine"

Tempered glass, sandblast,LED


"Room with"

Tempered glass, sandblast, LED

102 x 81 x 5cm

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