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Sergi Cadenas 

Cadenas, a Spanish postwar and contemporary artist was born in Girona, Spain. His forefathers established a foundry in the 19th Century in the city. His family carried on the business of crafted ironwork for generations and contributed towards the cultural and architectural history of the city.

Self-taught artist, passionate about portraiture,  whose eagerness to experiment and discover new ways of creating has led to painting three-dimensional oil paintings in which, depending on which angle you look at them, the image represented changes.

 Cadenas turns young faces into old and vice versa is by composing his artwork in 3D vertical lines arranged in different angles. When one walks from one end of the portrait to the other, the young face progressively matures or the older one gets younger, depending upon which end one starts from. One of his special creations symbolises beauty and brain, wherein a young and beautiful Mary Lotus Monroe turns into an aged Albert Einstein! Another one of his distinctive works symbolises life partners, where the dog turns into its human owner.

He is currently focused on large-format portraits and takes as models famous and legendary faces as well as people around him.

Cadenas, does not believe in inspiration, but believes in ideas and dedication.

Beyond an exceptional technique of difficult execution that requires great precision and beyond the optical effect, the work of Sergi Cadenas struck for his strong speech.


The results are so brilliant and spectacular that they leave no one indifferent.

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