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Callas' costume made of aluminum adorns an exhibition at the Dubai Opera.

The project was inspired by the internationally renowned Greek sculptor Nikos Floros.

Inspired by Maria Kallas and on the occasion of this year's 100th anniversary of her birth, the internationally renowned Greek sculptor Nikos Floros is starting a series of exhibitions around the world.

His characteristic works with the use of original materials such as aluminum impress ordinary and famous art lovers all over the world.

First stop of the distinguished artist's world exhibition tour, the Dubai Opera with an impressive work inspired by Violetta, the heroine embodied by Maria Callas in Verdi's well-known opera "La Traviata".

His work will grace the Dubai Opera until the beginning of September 2023 by invitation, gathering the interest of visitors from all over the world. It is made of thousands of recyclable aluminum fibers and has dimensions of 180 X 250 cm.

The exhibition has been put under the auspices of the Greek embassy in Abu Dhabi. The artist had the opportunity to present his artistic work at the Summit International School in Abu Dhabi where he was honored for his presence and work. The ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the United Arab Emirates , H.A. Antonis Alexandridis.

The exhibition in Dubai is the first official presentation outside Greece of works by a Greek artist, in the context of the worldwide celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Maria Callas, in which the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports also participates. His next stop will be Italy.

It is worth noting that Nikos Floros is known in the United Arab Emirates from his successful exhibitions and has been honored by the Abu Dhabi embassy for his artistic contribution. He has also created the portrait of the country's president Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed which belongs to his personal collection.

Nikos Floros was born in Tripoli, Arcadia, grew up in Athens, while he lived and worked in many big cities around the world. He has won the admiration of the visual public, in New York, Rome, Russia, Spain, Australia and has received dozens of awards and distinctions. He has exhibited in the largest museums worldwide, while his art has been the focus of the international press many times.


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