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Vitaly Tsarenkov

Born in 1987 in Leningrad, USSR Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia


Vitaly Tsarenkov, also known under an alias SY, works in the field of contemporary and street art. The artist creates paintings, murals, and sculptures. He starts his artistic career with graffiti and later comes to studio work and exhibition activity.


Artist's visual language has been influenced by the aesthetics of 8-bit console video games, the Russian revolutionary avant-garde, and engineering drawing. Vivid colors, clear-cut straight lines, and maximal simplified geometric forms characterize his recognizable style.


On the content level, the author's main interest consists of studying man's relations with other people and the world around. He explores these correlations through social, political, mental, and metaphysical aspects.


Vitaly Tsarenkov is a participant of large publishing and international exhibition projects among which two editions of photo-almanac about Russian street art scene and the same name group exhibitions Wall Elements and Wall Elements 2, the 2nd and 3rd street art biennale ARTMOSSPHERE in Moscow, series of group exhibitions Collection #1, #2, #3 in The Montresso* Art Space in Marrakesh.


Artist's works are in private collections in Russia, France, and Morocco.

Selected group exhibitions


2020 Kommunalka — Triumph Gallery, Moscow.

2018 Wall Elements 2 — RuArts Gallery, Moscow. III Biennale Of Street Wave Art «ARTMOSSPHERE» — Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow. Wall Elements — Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg. Collection #3 — Summer Time — Montresso* Space, Marrakech.

2017 Collection #2 — Back In U.S.S.R* — Montresso* Space, Marrakech.

2016 Do You Speak My Language? — Jardin Rouge, Marrakech. Collection #1 — Montresso* Space, Marrakech. II Biennale Of Street Art «ARTMOSSPHERE» — Manege, Moscow.

2015 Wall Elements — Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin.

2014 Wall Elements — RuArts Gallery, Moscow. Behind The Red Wall — Jardin Rouge, Marrakech. Transit Zone — Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm.

2012 Les Incurables — Hospital LAENNEC, Paris.

2009 Street Art Week — IUM Gallery, Moscow. Selected festivals

2019 Art-Wall 9 — St. Petersburg. 30 Sides Of City — Zheleznogorsk. 2017 30 Sides Of You — Moscow.

2016 30 Sides Of Honesty — Moscow.

2013 LGZ Festival — Moscow. 30 Sides Of Perception — Moscow. International Art-Forum Grafffest — St. Petersburg. Art-Ovrag — Vyksa. Remp’Arts — Azemmour.

2011 Dostoevsky And Space — St. Petersburg. International Art-Forum Grafffest — St. Petersburg.

2007 Meeting Of Styles — St. Petersburg.

Selected publications Wall Elements 2 — a photo-almanac of Russian street art. Moscow,


Wall Elements — a photo-almanac of Russian street art. Moscow, 2014.

Code Red Magazine — the 6th issue of Russian graffiti magazine. Moscow, 2010.

Objects — a series of books about Russian street art. Moscow, 2007 and 2009


Acrylic on canvas
100х130 cm


Acrylic on canvas
80х60 cm


Acrylic on canvas
100х100 cm

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