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(b. UK, 1980)

He is a London based British Artist. He trained at the Slade School of Fine Art, London (1998-2002), The New York Studio Schools, New York (2002-2003), and The Royal College of Art, London (2005-2007).


His practice has led him to collaborate with Architects on pan-European projects, together with the Architectural Association, London and The Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany


Over the past fifteen years, his work has been shown and collected internationally, with private and corporate collectors based in the UK, North America, the Middle and Far East, India and throughout Europe. Much of Martyr’s work is now privately commissioned.





ABN AMRO, Sydney, Australia

Creative Cities Collection, Chinese Government, Beijing

Al Quasimi Royal Collection, Sharjah, UAE    

Black Ocean Development, Stockholm, Sweden

Girapri Collection, Athens, Greece

Catlin Group, London, UK

Kingfisher Group, Mumbai, India                  

Aon Consulting, London, UK                                                      

Prudential, London, UK

Clarke Collection, Mantova Italy                

The Chelsea Arts Club Trust,London,UK 

Smith & Williamson, London, UK

Equity Group, London, UK     

The Austin Kupka Collection, LA, USA

Fidelity Group, London, UK   

Reza Mahammad Collection, London, UK

Omenai Collection, Lagos, Nigeria  





The depiction of luxurious, clean, modernist structures, housed within a soft vinyetted world, conjures up a sense of privilege, elegance and nostalgia in Martyr’s work. The scenes depicted are familiar and tranquil and often devoid of a human presence, which facilitates our visual exploration and engagement in the environments. These utopian views are constructions of several different locations formed from found images and visited locations to create a new embellished memory or reality. Martyr’s painting technique is extraordinarily precise. His uncompromising process is hand painted and involves many stages to create flawless canvases.


As a viewer, the paintings are designed to trigger a memory or feeling of a place like a postcard or photo of a place we once visited which can then be transposed into this new location. Ultimately, the paintings are safe places, which we can desire and where we can dream. The optimism of the images is reinforced by the titles, which are lifted from, song titles and lyrics and contemporary advertising. These words coupled with the images make the paintings into poster icons for the optimism and vitality we all desire from life.


In Martyr’s most recent work a female figure in Diamond Dust is superimposed over the surface of the image. The figure describes a narrative of health, vitality and sensuality and their form extenuates the Architecture, yet allows the spaces to remain clear of human presence.





2005 – 2007    MA Painting, Royal College of Art

2002 – 2003    The New York Studio School of Drawing Painting and Sculpture

1998 – 2002    BA, The Slade School of Fine Art





2015   “In Focus”, Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece

2015   “Stay Until Tomorrow”, “British Polo, Magdalena Arts, RJI Capital”, London

2014   “Stay Until Tomorrow” Hayhill Gallery, London

2014   Smith and Williamson Open Collection, 25 Morgate, London

2014   Singapore Art Fair, Tag Fine Art

2014   Hong Kong Art Fair, Tag Fine Art

2014   Monaco Art 2014, Wade Fine Art, Monaco

2013   Modern life, The Playboy Club, Mayfiar, Wade Fine Art, London

2013   Relax and Renew, Lydmar Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2013   Singapore Art Fair, project space, Tag Fine Art

2012   Indian Art Summit Delhi, India, Art Below Zero

2012   Warhol to Emerging Generation, Orion Contemporary, London

2011   Urban Landscapes, Hay Hill Gallery, Cork St, London

2011   ‘Catlin Art Prize’, The Tram Shed, London (Winner of the Catlin Commission)

2011   ‘New Decade’, Pop Up Gallery, London

2011   ‘Urban Perspectives’, Orion Contemporary, London

2011   ‘Debut’, Pop Up Gallery, Victoria, London

2010   Multiplied Contemporary Editions Fair, TAG Fine Arts, Christie’s, London

2010   AAFNYC, TAG Fine Arts, New York

2010   London Original Print Fair, TAG Fine Arts, Royal Academy, London

2009   Bauhaus Dessau, Inter Space, Vorplatzspiele installation, Germany

2009   Salon Architectural Association, Bedford Square, London

2009   Vorplatzspiele, Bedford Square, London

2009   London Art Fair, TAG Fine Arts, Islington, London

2008   India Art Summit, Delhi, Private Dealer

2008   Catlin Art Prize, St Johns Gallery, London

2008   7 Wonders of Ancient World, Crypt St Pancras Church, London

2008   Take Your Seats, Velezwood, London

2008   The Prudential Collection, London

2007   The Great Exhibition, Royal College of Art

2007   The Celeste Art Prize, ‘Lyon and Turnbull’ Edinburgh

2007   The Celeste Art Prize, ‘The Truman Brewery’ London

2007   Bursary Beneficiary Exhibition Chelsea Arts Club Trust, London

2006   Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London

2002   Graduation show, The Slade School of Fine Art, London

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