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Zhuang Hong Yi

(b. 1962, Chinese)

"The most powerful and successful artists produce works that leave an instant impression on the viewer. Zhuang’s work achieves this through its sheer rawness and simplicity, but also through its refusal to be pigeonholed into any particular genre or category. His works toe the line between painting and sculpture, and they are incredibly tactile; you can see how he has hand-manipulated each petal of rice paper, you can see the fingerprints in the acrylic, and the smears of colour where he has lashed his hand across the canvas.

What is so fascinating about his work is that there are strong allusions to Western Impressionism and yet there is an aesthetic feel to the work which is distinctly Eastern. He draws inspiration from the beauty of the nature using lotus and rose petals and by evangelising the soft and pretty, he explores its wildness and rawness, too. This makes his work instantly genuine, original and intriguing."

By Jolyon Webber


2014   Hua Gallery,London,England

            Absolute Art gallery,Knokke,Belgium

            Etienne Gallery,Oisterwijk,The Netherlands

2013   Galerie zur grünen Tür, Uznach SG,Switzerland

            Found museum,BeiJing,China

            Gallery Lesile Smith,Amsterdam,The Netherlands


            Museum de oude wolden,Groningen,The Netherlands 

            White Room Art System,Capri,Italy

2012   Gallery Leslie Smith,Amsterdam ,The Netherlands

            Gallery Terminus,Munchen,Germany

2011   Seasons Gallery,The Hague,The Netherlands

2010   Robinsons Art Gallery,Knokke Zoute,Belgium

            Museum Zoetermeer,Zoetermeer,The Netherlands

            Gallerie Ralph Schriever,Koln,Germany

            Keszler Gallery,N.Y,USA

2009   Seasons Gallery,Den Haag,The Netherlands

            C Space Gallery,BeiJing,China

            Gallery Ralph Schriever,Dusseldorf,Germany

            Gallery Roger Katwijk,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Houses of Art,Marbella,Spain

            Gallerie Ralph Schriever,Koln,Germany

2008   Gallery Krijger Katwijk,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Gallery Majke Husstege,Den Bosch,The Netherlands

2007   Gallery Seasons,Den Haag,The Netherlands

           You Gallery,BeiJing,China

            Osage Gallery,Hong Kong,China

            Groninger Museum,Groningen,The Netherlands

2006   Gallery Willem Kersboom,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Gallery Majke Husstege,Den Bosch,The Netherlands

2005   Gallery Krijger Katwijk,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Gallery Arti Capeli,Den Bosch,The Netherlands

2004   Gallery Vrij Academie,Den Haag,The Netherlands

            Gallery Le Besset,St.Jeure d’Andaure,France

2003   Art Contemporary Century,Dordrecht,The Netherlands

            Gallery Beeld & Aambeeld,Enschede,The Netherlands

            Gallery Arti Capelli,Den Bosch,The Netherlands

            Gallery Le Besset,St.Jeure d’Andaure,France

            Gallery Nanky de Vreeze,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

2002   De Boterhal,Hoorn,The Netherlands

2001   Gallery Cum Laude,Mol,Belgium

            Groninger Museum,Groningen,The Netherlands

            Project”Het Traject” (with LuLuo)

            Stedelijk Museum, Zwolle, The Netherlands

            Foundation Studio ’92, Eext, The Netherlands

            The Centre For Contemporary Art, Deventer, The Netherlands

            OCBK, Zwolle, The Netherlands

            Gallery Beeld & Aambeeld, Enschede, The Netherlands

2000   Gallery Nanky de Vreeze,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

1999   Gallery Beeld & Aambeeld,Enschede,The Netherlands

            Foundation de Boer Waalkens,Finsterwolde,The Netherlands

1998   Gallery Anderwereld, Katuin,Groningen,The Netherlands

1997   Gallery Anderwereld, Katuin,Groningen,The Netherlands

            Gallery Waalkens,Finsterwolde,The Netherlands

            Gallery Nanky de Vreeze,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Gallery Patrick Gaultier,Quimper,France

1993   Gallery Waalkens,Finsterwolde,The Netherlands



2014   Art 14,London,England

            Art Paris,Paris,France

            Tefaf,Maastricht,The Netherlands

            Art Monaco,Monaco,The Netherlands

            XingJiang Biennial,XingJiang,China

            Fusion convergence-T Museum,HangZhou,China

            Red Sea Gallery,Singapore,Singapore

            Pan,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Art Miami,Miami,USA

            Miami scop,Miami,USA

2013   Tafaf,Maastricht,The Netherlands

            Fine Art Asia fair,HongKong,China

            Venice Biennale the parallel show ,Venice,Italy

            Art Fair Chicago,Chicago,USA

            Art Pam Beach,Pam Beach,USA

            Art Miami,Miami,USA

2012   Art Keulen,Keulen,Germany

            Pan Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Art Miami,Miami,USA

            Etienne Gallery,Oisterwijk,The Netherlands

            Tefaf ,Maastricht,The Netherlands

2011   Art Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands      

            Realisme 2011,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

2010   Art Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            PanAmsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

2009   Art Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Pan Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Art HongKong,HongKong,China

            Art Basel Scope,Basel,Switzerland

            Art Fair Koln,Koln,Germany

            Gallery Keszler,New York,USA

            Art Hampton’s,New York,USA


            Keszler Gallery,New York,USA 

            Museum Kampen,Kampen,The Netherlands

2008   Art Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Pan Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            “Empty City” ShangHai, YuanGong Museum,YuanGong,China

            “Art is nothing?”, BeiJing 798,Beijing,China

2007   Art Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            “Start from XiNan”,GuangZhou Museum,China

2006   Ticket to Beijing,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

            Art Amsterdam,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

2005   Art Amsterdam,Rai Amsterdam,The Netherlands

2003   Gallery Art & HeThe The Netherlandse,Berlin,Germany

            Group Show in Poland,Gallery EM,The Netherlands  

            Gallery Wizytujaka,Warszawa,Poland

            Gallery Miejska ARSENAL w.,Poznaniu,Poland

            Gallery Sztuki Wspolczesnej w.,Lodzi,Poland

            Salon Sztuki Wspolczesnej w.,Bydgosczy,Poland

            Gallery Bielska BWA w.,Bielsku,Poland

2002   Groninger Meuseum,Groningen,The Netherlands

2001   ChenDu Biennale,ChengDu,China

1999   Westfries Museum,Hoorn,The Netherlands

            Kunsthal Roterdam,Rotterdam,The Netherlands

1997   Cow,drowing,day, Stichting de Boer Waalkens,Finsterwolde,The Netherlands


'A Better City, Zhuang Hong Yi'

Exhibition catalogue 2010 - Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

'Zhuang Hong Yi - 2009-2010 from de flower series'

Exhibition catalogue 2010 - Keszler Gallery, United States

'Cang Xin & Zhuang HongYi'

2009 - C space, Beijing

'Experience / Gorgeous'

2009 - FengFeng Art China

'Starting from the Southwest-Critical Essays about Contemporary Art in Southwest China'

2008 - GuangDong Museum of Art, China

'The monumental works from Zhuang Hong Yi'

Exhibition monograph 2007 - Atelier '92 (Dutch/English edition)

'Beyond Mundane'

2007 - You Gallery, Beijing

'ChengDu Biennale'

Catalogue 2001 - China

'Albert Waalkens Benno Premselaprijs'

2000 - Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst, The Netherlands






Copy of 17-IV-045-180x140cm_edited.jpg
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140 x 180cm

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