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Zsuzsanna Korodi
b. 1984 Budapest, Hungary


2019 – University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, DLA studies

2009 National College of Art and Design Dublin, glass

2005–2010 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design /MA

2004 Art Specialized Secondary School Budapest, glass, professional year

1999–2003 Art Specialized Secondary School Budapest, glass 


Zsuzsanna Korodi is known for her works made with a
material rarely highlighted: glass. Between kinetic and constructed
inspiration, the artist handles with virtuosity 2D or 3D to imagine works
playing on optical illusions. Exploiting the properties of glass to create
magnifying effects coupled with carefully studied superimpositions of colors,
she creates a real visual vertigo.

Resolutely aesthetic, her works are the result of a physical experience that questions our perception of reality: as the viewer moves in front of the transparent surfaces, hidden colors appear behind the glass prism, escaping as soon as they appear, creating an illusion of movement that leaves the viewer wondering and amazed. The brain must then constantly reinterpret what the eye sees.

 The theme of the screen is recurrent in the work of Zsuzsanna Korodi. She revisits this everyday object by striving to transmit a new type of spatial experience, based on movement, color and light.

 Different series of research will sometimes focus on the effects of moiré, on color, or on a play of forms, but the artist's deepest intention is to explore the different optical phenomena generated by glass. Her works thus stage the interplay between a static work and a "responsive eye".


Public collections

2022  /PRC/ Deji Art Museum, Nanking

2021  /H/   Hungarian National Bank, Budapest

2020  /E/   Consulado General de Húngria, Barcelona

2017  /D/   Ernsting Museum, Lette

2017  /H/   Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

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